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Newton Corner Library Building

124 Vernon Street, Newton Corner, MA 02458


Preserve and rehabilitate Greek Revival building originally constructed as a single-family house in 1845, including work on roof, wood gutters, trim, clapboards, doors, windows & insulation.


$291,829 CPA funds appropriated (historic resources)
$17,168 unspent balance returned
$274,661 CPA funds spent


Proposal Review & Appropriations

November 2002-March 2004 initial funding

1 November 2002 - initial proposal

3 February 2003 - supplemental information: potential other funding sources, future maintenance

7 April 2003 - CPC recommendation

14 July 2003 - Board order (appropriation)

1 March 2004 - Newton Historical Commission approval

January-April 2005 supplemental funding

19 January 2005 - supplemental funding request

8 February 2005 - CPC recommendation

4 April 2005 - Board order (appropriation)

August-September 2005 additional supplemental funding

24 August 2005 - second supplemental funding request

25 August 2005 - CPC recommendation

19 September 2005 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

18 August 2003 - Memorandum of Understanding for historic preservation of Newton Corner Library building

  • Later superseded by Newton's expanded CPA ordinance, which gives the Newton Historical Commission the final authority to approve or disallow future changes to the historically significant features of any City building that has received CPA funding.

27 August 2003 - timeline for preservation project

2003 & 2007 - before & after photos from preservation project

June 2006 - Historic Landscape Report for Farlow & Chaffin Parks; includes historical background on Newton Corner Library building, formerly part of the Chaffin Estate

9 March 2012 - Historic Building Report for former Newton Corner Library, one in a series funded by the CPA program as the City Historic Buildings Survey

  • This report assesses the building's historic significance and makes recommendations for preserving its historically significant exterior & interior features.

Newton Centre Library Building

1294 Centre Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459

  • most recently occupied by City of Newton Health Department, so some documents below refer to the building as "Newton Health Department"


Hire a structural engineer, preservation/conservation consultant, energy auditor, and coordinating architect to inspect this former branch library and prepare plans and estimated costs for the restoration and rehabilitation of its exterior envelope. This building, which was designed and built between 1927 and 1934 with funds donated by Newton citizens, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


$26,425 CPA funds appropriated (historic resources)
$18,962 CPA funds spent (unspent balance returned)


  • Commissioner of Public Buildings
    52 Elliot Street
    Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
  • Planning & Development Dept.
    Newton City Hall
    1000 Commonwealth Avenue
    Newton Centre, MA 02459

Proposal Review & Appropriations

October 2004 - proposal for preservation & rehabilitation assessment

November 2004 - public hearing presentation with photos (long file, may load slowly)

13 January 2006 - CPC funding recommendation

6 March 2006 - Board order (appropriation)

Project Background & News

1988 - successful nomination to the National Register of Historic Places

1997 - updated historic buildings inventory form (for the National Register)

6 March 2008 - final report from CPA-funded assessment: (several long files, may load slowly)

March 2012 - Historic Building Report from the CPA-funded series of similar reports for all historically significant City Buildings 

  • covers: overall historic significance, historically significant features, treatment recommendations

September 2012 - Citizen Joint Advisory Planning Group Report (possible re-use plan)

  • Near the end of this report, the Public Buildings Dept. estimated the cost of addressing the building's basic needs as $1,585,000.

May-June 2015 - Request for [Statements of] Interest (RFI) in the re-use/re-development of this building

ongoing - The continuing process for this building is documented on the Planning & Development Department's "high interest projects" webpage for Newton Centre:


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