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Kesseler Woods 

near 200 Vine Street (bordered by La Grange St.), Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


Preserve 21 acres of open space and habitat through public ownership, either of the land itself or of easements and restrictions, and provide a trail system and formal public access for passive recreation.

All CPA funding for Kesseler Woods was counted as for the acquisition of open space. However, the CPC’s recommendation for open space funding was contingent on permanent affordability for at least 11 units or 15% of all townhouses or multi-family housing developed by the City's private bidding partner in this acquisition.The final special permit granted in April 2015 for 88 units of rental housing in one multi-family building required 13 of those units to be permanently affordable, as follows:

Affordable Housing at Kesseler Woods

Rents must be permanently affordable to households at these percentages of area median income (AMI):

unit sizes ≤ 50% AMI ≤ 65% AMI ≤ 80% AMI
1 bedroom 2 units 1 unit 2 units
2 bedrooms 4 units -- 4 units


$5,218,375 CPA funds appropriated by Board order (open space)


CPA funds spent, including both principal and interest on debt financing
allocation by spending purpose:
$118,000 planning, consulting and legal costs (small unspent balance returned to Newton's Community Preservation Fund)
$5,000,000 land acquisition - debt principal
$889,115 land acquisition - debt issuance and interest
 $15,000 not included in totals above: grant to the Newton Conservators for holding the permanent conservation restriction required by the CPA statute


Project Maps, Timelines & Summaries


Planning staff updates & summaries:

Proposal Review & Appropriations

2003 initial planning

11-21 February 2003 - CPC recommendations for funding of land use planning & other professional services

March-June 2003 - Board orders for land use planning & professional services (appropriations)

February-May 2003 - City of Newton RFQs & consulting services:

2003-2009 bid preparation & agreement

28 March 2003 - City of Newton Request for Expressions of Interest (RFI) for developer as City bidding partner (large file, may load slowly)

15 April 2003 - City of Newton RFI for developer - staff analysis of responses (developers’ identities omitted)

10 April 2003 - City of Newton RFI for developer - response by developer chosen as City’s bidding partner (Cornerstone)

14 May 2003 - CPC memorandum of understanding with the Mayor, confirming commitment to both open space and affordable housing

June 2003-March 2009 - City of Newton bidding agreement with partner (Cornerstone):

2002-2004 land acquisition funding

May 2002-June 2003 - part 1, initial land acquisition funding:

August-November 2003 - part 2, supplemental land acquisition funding:

September 2003-March 2004, debt issuance & initial debt service (interest):

May 2003-June 2004 - City of Newton request for matching funds through Massachusetts Self-Help program (denied)

2019 conservation restriction funding

July-December 2019 - grant to Newton Conservators for holding the Kesseler Woods Conservation Restriction ($15,000) 

Project News

11-12 August 2003 - City of Newton – Cornerstone joint bid accepted (letter from Mayor to Board of Aldermen, article in Newton Tab)

land acquisition as recorded at the South Middlesex Registry of Deeds

7 April 2004 - in Registry book 42435

27 January 2005 - in Registry book 44541

3 April 2006 - in Registry book 47213

2 March 2015 - in Registry book 64987

public access to open space

Access points, trails, etc. will be finalized upon completion of construction for multi-family housing.


Multi-family & Affordable Housing

Many of the files below are large and may load slowly.

 2006-09 Cornerstone/Kesseler Development LLC:

2014-17 Chestnut Hill Realty:

2017-18 Chestnut Hill Realty request to substitute off-site for on-site affordable housing, ultimately denied by City Council:




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