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CPA Proposals & Projects

2Life Communities 

Stanton Avenue / Golda Meir House Expansion 

160 Stanton Avenue, Auburndale, MA 02466

Project Goals: 

Expand the existing Golda Meir House through two new additions with 68 net new rental apartments. 57 units will be permanently restricted to residents at least 62 years of age. Of the 60 units that will be permanently affordable at the income levels shown below, based on the federally defined Area Median Income (AMI), 9 units without age restrictions will be designated for individuals with disabilities who have experienced chronic homelessness.

Housing Unit Mix (Updated July 2020)

Number of Bedrooms: 1 2
Up to 30% AMI *


(previously 7)


(previously 1)

Up to 50% AMI *


(previously 20)


(previously 2)

Up to 60% AMI


(previously 18)



(previously 2)

Under 100% AMI


(no change)


(no change)

No Income Restrictions **


(no change)


(no change)

Total Units  57  11
Total Bedrooms  57 22

* All 45 apartments for the <30% AMI and <50% AMI tiers will have project-based vouchers, which will cover the difference between 30% of residents’ actual incomes and contracted rents. The Section 8 vouchers will serve 9 nonage restricted, 1-bedroom units for chronically homeless individuals.The 9 units for formerly homeless individuals will be distributed between these two income categories and will be included in the total 30 units with vouchers, which will fill the gap between the contracted rent and 30% of the tenant's actual income (8 units through the federal Section 8 program, 22 units through the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program).

** Of the two-bedroom units without formal income restrictions, one will be a reduced-rent unit for one or more New England Conservatory graduate students participating in the planned resident enrichment services program. The rents for all units without formal income restrictions are proposed to be offered at below the true "market rate."


Funding (Updated July 2020)

$1,244,857    Current CPA Funding Request (Submitted July 10, 2020)
$255,143    Newton HOME Funds (Requested)

Newton CPA funds committed (Approved by City Council FY19)


Note: Release of these CPA funds requires a grant agreement, which the CPC must vote to authorize once the project's other needed funds are committed.

$7,972,000     Permanent Mortgage Loan (Expected)


  Federal and State Low income Housing Tax Credit Equity (Confirmed)
$5,000,000   DHCD, HOME, HSF, AHT, HIF, NFIT Funds (Confirmed)


  HUD Section 202 Capital Advance (Confirmed)


  Utility Rebates (Expected)
$835,400   Golda Rehab Savings (Confirmed)
$480,000    Charles Farnsworth Trust (Confirmed)


  Weinberg Foundation (Confirmed)


  Additional 2Life Philanthropy (Committed)
$400,000    Deferred Developer Fee (Committed)


(previously $32,314,845)



All staff below are based at:
2Life Communities
30 Wallingford Road, Brighton, MA 02135


Funding Process


July 10, 2020 -  New Proposal Submitted for $1,244,857 in additional CPA funding. The Cover Letter explains the need for the additional funding and the proposal itself includes the application, updated project budget, and supporting materials including additional funding approval letters.

July 2020 - Memorandum on maximum HOME funding limits per unit

August 3, 2020 - Four Letters of Support for the additional funding received. 

August 7, 2020 - Planning and Development Board Memorandum for August 11 Meeting

August 24, 2020 - CPC recommendation for project funding sent to City Council 


8 June 2018 - pre-proposal, discussed with CPC 10 July 2018

7 September-8 November 2018 - full proposal, with attachments below (see 3 December 2018 revisions below): 

  • photos & maps
  • project budgets & funding sources
  • project sponsor finances & qualifications
  • evidence of site control, commitment to deed restriction
  • community outreach
  • fair housing, tenant selection plan, relocation policy, architectural access
  • unit mix and operating budget (submitted separately but now integrated into full proposal)

7 September-8 October 2018 - additional proposal attachments, posted separately:

6 October 2018 - community letters submitted to date

9 October-6 November 2018 - presentation to CPC public hearing (see 3 December 2018 revisions below) and sponsor responses to public hearing questions

Note: The revisions below submitted 3 December 2018 eliminated the wellness center previously proposed as part of this project. This center could not have used CPA funds.

3 December 2018 proposal revisions:

24 October-12 December 2018 - CPC funding recommendation

17 December 2018 - City Council appropriation order

20 September 2019 - funding/project status update to Newton CPC (please note that documents above do not reflect this update)

Project Background & News 

This project incorporates a small parcel previously owned by the City of Newton. Additional background is available from the project's link on the Planning Department's High-Interest Projects page, under Development Review.

August 2017 - City of Newton Request for Proposals (RFP) for Stanton Avenue parcel with surplus water tower

October 2017 - JCHE response to City RFP

4 February 2020 - state funding awarded, including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC)  

July 1, 2020 - Letter outlining the HOME 2020 Maximum Per-Unit Subsidy Limits as they will apply to this project.


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