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  • Amy Zarechian, Executive Director
    Newton Housing Authority
    82 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, MA 02461
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projects below:

Haywood House/Jackson Road 

New Senior Housing

fronting on John F. Kennedy Circle, Newton Corner, MA 02458; rear facing Jackson Road



Additional funding is requested to cover the material lift for transporting trash barrels to the main floor required during the Special Permit process for the construction of a new building that will provide community space and supportive services for the 55 new units it creates. The new units will be permanently affordable one-bedroom rental units for residents at least 62 years old, restricted by income as follows: 11 units for households with up to 30% of the Area Median Income (AMI); 21 units for households with up to 60% AMI; and 23 units for households at up to 99% of AMI. Three of the units will be fully accessible and 4 will be designated for households that have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

Total Funding:  

(updated to reflect August 2020 proposal)
$77,900    Current Request for CPA funding
$250,000 Currently requested CDBG funding
$3,000,000    CPA funding previously appropriated to project
$625,000     Newton Housing Authority
$625,000     CDBG (Newton-controlled federal funds)
$8,600,000 permanent loan (bank / public agencies)
$11,850,000 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and 4% Massachusetts Housing Tax Credits
 $450,000   MA HOME funds (state-controlled federal funds)
$750,000  MA (DHCD) Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF)
$750,000    MA Facilities Consolidation Fund (FCF)
 $500,000    MA Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF)
$750,000     MA Community Based Housing Fund (CBH)
$657,064     Deferred developer fee
$28,819,936 Approx. TOTAL PROJECT COST


Funding Process

August 28, 2020 - New Proposal for Additional Project funding Received including the following:

October 5, 2020 - Joint meeting of the CPC and Planning and Development Board reviewed the NHA Project Presentation. The CPC unanimously voted to recommend funding for this project and the P&D Board approved the use of the requested CDBG funds at this time.

Prior Funding Requests


26 February 2016 - pre-proposal ($1 million in CPA funding)

10 March 2016 - minutes of the CPC's pre-proposal discussion

22 March 2017 - Newton Housing Authority update to CPC

15-31 May 2017 - revised pre-proposal ($2 million in CPA funding)

16 June 2017 - phase 2 site environmental assessment

16 June 2017 - market analysis (estimating effective demand for these units)

7 July 2017 - full proposal #1, requesting $2 million in CPA funding for 42 units

4 August 2017 - letters to the CPC about this proposal (League of Women Voters, Council on Aging, Fair Housing Committee)


20 December 2017 - 9 January 2018 - full proposal #2, requesting $2.5 million in CPA funding for 55 units; including project budgets, sponsor finances, design & construction summary, zoning & permitting summary, letters of support submitted by sponsor, and updated project images & floor plans

25 January 2018 - community letters received to date (not submitted by proposal sponsor)

19 February 2018 - CPC proposal #2 funding recommendation, later placed on hold at the Housing Authority's 4 April 2018 request

7-21 June 2018 (minor corrections July 2018)  - full proposal #3, requesting $3 million in CPA funding for 55 units, including: updates on site control & permitting, project budgets, slightly updated site & floor plans (showing two elevators), project accessibility, fair housing, sponsor finances, and letters of support submitted by sponsor

26 July 2018 - CPC proposal #3 funding recommendation to City Council

23 January 2018, updated October 2018 - presentation to CPC public hearing (updated to reflect presentation to Planning & Development Board, for CDBG request)

15 October 2018 - City Council order (appropriation)

  • Note: These CPA funds can only be released through a grant agreement. The CPC has asked the Housing Authority to request a second CPC vote authorizing execution of this agreement once all funding required to complete the project has been committed.

Project News

1874-1929 - historic maps of the project area

7 May 2018 - City Council revision of prior Jackson Gardens Special Permit, required for current Haywood House project to proceed

26 July 2018 - Haywood House project Comprehensive Permit

4 February 2020 - state funding awarded, including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC)  

Housing Authority Acceptance of CAN-DO Portfolio

Sites throughout the city. See map submitted with the proposal. 


Preserve the 33 units of scattered-site, deed-restricted rental housing developed throughout the City by CAN-DO (Citizens for Affordable Housing in Newton Development Organization), by reducing bank debt and addressing deferred capital needs under Newton Housing Authority ownership and management.

total funding 

(updated 31 January 2020, based on 29-31 January 2020 submission below)

$1,105,000 CPA Funds Appropriated
$1,200,000   CDBG Funding (Newton-controlled federal funds)
$250,000   Newton Housing Authority contribution




Village Bank grant

Village Bank debt (new)

$3,455,000   total project cost


Funding Process

24-25 June 2019 - pre-proposal, including:

2 January 2020 - full proposal, divided into the following files:

  • proposal with attachments, including: project summary, map & description of CAN-DO's scattered-site housing portfolio, market analysis, project team qualifications, affirmative marketing and fair housing policies, letters of support; please note revisions below submitted 29 January 2020 
  • project finances, including: sources, uses, and 20-year projections for operating income, operating expenses, replacement reserves and capital needs; please note revisions below submitted 29 January 2020
  • organizational information for both the Housing Authority and CAN-DO, including: organizational charts, audits or financial statements, and a description of the Housing Authority's own scattered-site "management portfolio"

29 January 2020 - revised funding request and project finances, including the updated proposal 

31 January 2020 - letters and memos about this proposal (Newton Housing Partnership, Planning & Development Dept. staff, community letters)

11 February 2020 - CPC public hearing presentation

11 February 2020 - The CPC voted to recommend the requested funding.The Recommendation has been sent to the City Council, which has referred the project to its Land Use and Finance Committees for review. 

10 March 2020 - Land Use Committee approved the CPC's project recommendation

23 March 2020 - Finance Committee approved the CPC's project recommendation. As part of this approval, the Finance Committee requested a letter confirming the loan interest rate. A revised Term Sheet for the loan was also provided.

9 April 2020 - City Council Order approving CPA funding recommendation

Wyman Street Apartments 

52-54 Wyman Street, Waban, MA 02468

goals: Create 10 deed-restricted, 2-bedroom units of rental housing that will be permanently affordable to households with up to 50 percent of the area median income, in a 1950s building in the village center of Waban, on the MBTA's Green Line.

total funding:
$1,000,000 CP funds appropriated & spent (community housing)
$1,550,000 City of Newton inclusionary zoning funds
$1,000,000 Village Bank mortgage
$17,995 CDBG de-leading grant (Newton fed'l funds)


Funding Process



October 2004 - proposal, with

10 December 2004 - Planning Dept. staff memo:

15 December 2004 - CPC funding recommendation (revised April 2005)


19 April 2005 - CPC memo to Board of Aldermen on tenant income levels

19 April 2005 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

27 July 2005 - project grant agreement

May 2009 - confirmation of total project costs

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