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Community Preservation Program

Newton Homebuyer Assistance Program

location: citywide (see map link below)
goals: Provide downpayment assistance to low- and moderate-income households for purchasing a home in Newton, in return for restrictions keeping those homes affordable to households at these income levels in perpetuity.
total funding:
$2,152,050 total CPA funds appropriated through October 2013


new CPA request
contacts: Eve Tapper, Acting Associate Director of Planning & Development
Rob Muollo, Interim Director of Housing Programs
City of Newton Planning and Development Department
1000 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton Centre, MA 02459
phone: 617.796.1146
Proposal Review & Appropriations
31 March 2003 Homebuyer Assistance CPC funding recommendation, phase 1 
17 May 2004 Board order, phase 1: appropriation $500,000
7 November 2005 Homebuyer Assistance proposal, phase 2
presentation, phase 2 (including photos)
3 March 2006 CPC funding recommendation, phase 2
20 March 2006 Board order, phase 2: appropriation $208,250
21 May 2008 Homebuyer Assistance proposal, phase 3 
28 May 2008 presentation, phase 3 (including photos)
23 June 2008 CPC funding recommendation, phase 3
6 October 2008 Board order, phase 3: appropriation $968,800
4 April 2012 Homebuyer Assistance pre-proposal, phase 4
14 December 2012
Homebuyer Assistance proposal, phase 4  originally submitted 2 November 2012, with all attachments and initial letters of support; revised version includes minor program design changes
14 January 2013 additional letters of support (including Newton Housing Partnership and United Citizens for Housing Affordability in Newton)
14 February 2013
PowerPoint presentation to the CPC, originally presented 24 January 2013
4 February 2013 CPC funding recommendation
22 May 2013 Newton Law Dept. memo on asset limits in homebuyer programs, requested by the Board of Aldermen's Finance Committee
7 October 2013  Board order (appropriation)
23 January 2015 Homebuyer Assistance pre-proposal, phase 5
13 March 2015 Homebuyer Assistance proposal, phase 5
Sample Instructions for Program Applicants (requested by CPC as proposal background)
9 April 2015 PowerPoint presentation to the CPC
written comments received (League of Women Voters of Newton)
Project News
June 2008 map of all cases assisted, 2003-June 2008
August 2011 program funds used to purchase additional affordability for a unit previously restricted using non-CPA funding
November 2012 updated map of all cases assisted through 2 November 2012