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Angino Farm

(Newton Community Farm)

303 Nahanton Street (at corner with Winchester Street), Newton, MA 02459


Acquire the last working farm in Newton for use as a community-supported agriculture farm; restrict the use of 1.5 acres to open spacefor active farming; preserve and rehabilitate the historic farmhouse as housing for the farm manager; and preserve and rehabilitate the historic barn to support farm operations and programs.


See Debt-Financed Projects from Reports page for breakdown of debt issuance, principal & interest. Most annual interest payments are authorized through annual CPA program budgets, so individual Board orders do not total to full project cost.

$3,402,700 CPA funds appropriated or authorized, counted as:
$669,200 historic resources
$1,461,000 open space
$1,122,800 recreation
additional estimated private funding for barn renovations, both exterior and interior


  • The City of Newton owns & oversees the farm.

    Newton Farm Commission
    c/o Alexandra Ananth, Senior Planner
    Planning and Development Dept.
    City of Newton
    1000 Commonwealth Avenue
    Newton Centre, MA 02459
  • The private nonprofit Newton Community Farm, Inc., (NCF) runs the farm under a 20-year license from the City of Newton, with public oversight from the City's Farm Commission. NCF runs community-supported agriculture and educational programs and covers all day-to-day operating costs from its own sources. No City funds are used for annual operating costs.

    Greg Maslowe, Farm Manager
    Newton Angino Community Farm
    303 Nahanton Street
    Newton, MA 02459
    (membership information, educational programs, public events, & future plans)


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Background & News for All Projects


2 May 2005 - Newton Farm ordinance establishes Farm Commission

24 May 2005 - conservation restriction - full text (South Middlesex Registry of Deeds, book 46234, page 97)

31 October 2005 - farm operation proposal, initial business plan submitted by Newton Community Farm, Inc. in response to City of Newton Request for Expressions of Interest (RFI)

March-December 2006 - City of Newton operator agreement with Newton Community Farm, Inc.


15 June 2008 - Analysis of Historic Significance,preservation guidelines approved by Farm Commission

26 June 2008 - operator agreement amendment, allowing privately funded renovation of the barn's exterior

17 December 2009 - operator agreement extension, converting renewable 2-year agreements to a 20-year agreement with 5-year reviews

fall 2012 - Angino Farm featured in CNN report about Newton as one of America's best places to live.

Angino Farm

Barn Interior Rehabilitation


This project built on the privately-funded exterior preservation and rehabilitation of the farm's late 19th-century barn by preserving and keeping historic framing, floors and walls visible on the interior, while also adapting thespace to support current farm operations by providing accessible entrances and public restrooms, storage for equipment and harvested crops, workspaces, a demonstration kitchen, and space for meetings and classes. Private funds were used to construct a partial loft on the main floor, for staff offices, and may be used to convert the rear deck to a three-season screened porch, as additional meeting or classroom space.



CP funds spent, counted as follows based on initial project budget:

15% historic resources, 85% recreation

$200,000 estimated additional private funds raised
Public Buildings for additional costs covered through City of Newton Public Buildings operating budget, see project final report


  • Newton Public Buildings Dept.
    52 Elliot Street
    Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
    617.796.1600 (Public Buildings Dept. main number)

Proposal Review & Appropriation

2009 initial funding request

16 October 2009 - proposal (incl. elevations & plans, NCF annual audit, statistics on volunteer hours, map of members & supporters)

18 November 2009 - public hearing presentation (incl. photos, elevations & plans)

January 2010 - supplemental information requested by CPC (incl. operating budget for renovated barn)

2 February 2010 - CPC funding recommendation

15 March 2010 - Board order (appropriation)

July 2012 supplemental funding request

3 July 2012 - pre-proposal

19 September 2012 - updated request for off-cycle consideration (with revised funding request amount)

21 September 2012 - full proposal for supplemental funding, including updated development & operating budgets and

11 October 2012 - presentation to the CPC (includes photos, plans, elevations)

24 October 2012 - CPC supplemental funding recommendation

17 December 2012 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

November 2008 - barn exterior preservation & renovation photos

22 June 2010 - accessibility recommendations by Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities

February 2010 - updated concept plan

24 March 2010 - updated project schedule

28 September 2014 - gala opening of the renovated barn, at the farm's Fall Festival (photos)

29 January 2015 - project final report (photos)

Angino Farm

Farmhouse De-leading 


Abate lead paint or replace windows and doors as needed at Angino Farm, to allow safe occupation by the farm manager and his family by start of school year, fall 2006.


$70,000 CP funds appropriated (historic resources)

Proposal Review & Appropriation

14-18 April 2006 - proposal, with attachments:

12 May 2006 - CPC funding recommendation

15 May 2006 - Board order (appropriation)

Angino Farm 



Acquire the last working farm in Newton for use as a community-supported agriculture farm, and restrict the use of 1.5 acres to open space (ideally for active farming). This 2.26-acre parcel was farmed continuously from the late 18th through the late 20th century.


$2,435,000 CPA funds appropriated, counted as:
$487,000 historic resources
$1,461,000 open space
$487,000 recreation land

Proposal Review & Appropriation

18-28 July 2004 – main proposal, including official letters of support, plus the following attachments:

27 October 2004 - CPC funding recommendation

6 December 2004 - Board order (appropriation)

24 May 2005 - conservation restriction - full text (South Middlesex Registry of Deeds, book 46234, page 97)

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