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Dolan Pond & Forte Property 

76 Webster Park, West Newton, MA 02465


Add to the Dolan Pond Conservation Area a permanent conservation restriction on approximately 35,000 square feet of wooded open space.

On the remaining approximately 15,000 square feet of this property, create 3 units of housing, with a total of 8 bedrooms, that are permanently affordable for households at up to 80 percent of area-wide median income: 1 Newton Housing Authority rental unit in a preserved 1925 historic home that previously belonged to beloved Newton music teacher Irene Forte; and 2 Habitat for Humanity owner-occupied units, on a rear-lot subdivision.


$377,400 CPA funds appropriated for community housing
$729,349 CPA funds appropriated for open space
$500,000 inclusionary zoning funds
$400,000 approx. value of owners' sweat equity and of donated time & materials for Habitat for Humanity units
$2,006,749 TOTAL PROJECT COST (estimated)


  • Newton Conservators, Newton Conservation Commission,
    & Newton Housing Authority
    c/o Newton Housing Authority
    82 Lincoln St.
    Newton Highlands, MA 02461
  • website:

Proposal Review & Appropriations

14 May 2003 - proposal (may load slowly)

10 July 2003 - CPC funding recommendation

14 July 2003 - Board order (original appropriation)

30 June 2004 - project plan, revised

8 July 2004 - CPC funding recommendation, revised

4 September 2004 - Board order (revised conditions, no new funds appropriated)

Project News

2005-2007 - deeds, plans, conservation easement & restriction for South Middlesex Registry of Deeds registered land certificate 240347, including:

  • conservation easement held by City of Newton on housing parcels, recorded 7 July 2006, S. Middlesex Registry of Deeds book 1323, page 140
  • conservation restriction held by Newton Conservators on land added to Dolan Pond Conservation Area, recorded 4 September 2007, S. Middlesex Registry of Deeds book 1343, page 146
  • 18 January 2008 - conservation land - note discharged

July 2006 - deed & affordability restriction for existing home, transferred to Newton Housing Authority as rental housing

2007-09 - deeds & permanent affordability/resale restrictions for 2 new housing units, built through Habitat for Humanity  (long file, may load slowly)

31 January 2009 - Dolan Pond/Forte Property Project Summary - Nomination for CPA Kuehn Award (long file, may load slowly)


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