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About This Page
The links below lead to pages with contact information & the full text of major documents about each proposal or project. Housing projects are listed here by street name. Documents are posted as submitted, without proofreading or editing. If a link is missing or does not work, please contact staff for assistance.
After clicking on each link, you may need to scroll down to find the current project -- some pages include multiple projects or multiple funding phases for a single project.

Pending Pre- & Full Proposals
For the most up-to-date status of all pre- & full proposals, use this link:
Reports - Current: Pending Pre- & Full Proposals.
CPC Recommendations Pending Before the City Council
Please contact the Council's staff directly for meeting agendas & schedules. 
Use this link from our Committees & Meetings page: Council Committees That Review CPC Recommendations.
Cambria Road [West Newton] (affordable housing) 
Newton Highlands Playground Rehabilitation (recreation) - construction funding
Full Proposals Currently Pending Before the CPC
The CPC makes each full proposal available on this website
for at least 1 month prior to holding a public hearing on the proposal.
Pre-Proposals Submitted to the CPC
These projects have submitted pre-proposals for advisory discussions with the CPC but have not yet submitted full proposals.
Cherry Street [424-32, West Newton] (affordable housing)  
  revised pre-proposal submitted 27 January 2016
City's Vision for 424-432 Cherry Street handout for community meeting, 28 January 2016
Crescent Street [70, Auburndale] (affordable housing & community park)

Active Projects
The City Council has appropriated funds for these projects, based on the CPC's recommendations.
For most up-to-date status, use this link: Reports - Current: Active Funded Projects
1930s Mural [Newton North High School, Newtonville] (historic resources)
Allen House, Partial Occupancy (historic resources)
Burying Grounds [Historic Cemeteries] (historic resources)
Early Architecture Surveys, Up to 1870 (historic resources)
Farlow Park, Pond & Bridge (historic resources)
Historic Newton projects (historic resources), including: Museum Archives, Accessibility & Fire Protection 
Myrtle Village [Curve Street, West Newton] (community housing)
New Art Center [Newtonville] (historic resources)
Newton Homebuyer Assistance Program (community housing) 
Taft Avenue [West Newton] (affordable housing)
Waban Hill Reservoir [Manet Road, Chestnut Hill] (recreation) 

Completed or Canceled Projects
Accessory Apartment Incentive Program (community housing) Canceled March 2009.
Albemarle Park & Cheesecake Brook Projects (open space, recreation)
Including: Albemarle Community Commons (outdoor classroom), Cheesecake Brook Greenway, & Gath Pool
Angino Farm [Newton Community Farm] (historic resources, open space, recreation)
Archaeology Survey (historic resources)
Historic Art & Artifacts, including City Hall - Mayor Hyde Portrait (historic resources)
Bowen Projects: Bowen Field [Parks & Recreation Dept.] & Bowen Park Initiative [Bowen School] (recreation)
Brigham House (historic resources)
Cabot Community Park [Cabot School] (recreation)
Cambria Road [West Newton] (community housing)
Chestnut Street (Millhouse Commons) [Newton Upper Falls] (community housing)
Christina Street [Newton Highlands] (community housing)
City Archives (historic resources)
Including City Archives - Strategic Plan and specific collections held at: City Hall, Newton Free Library, History Museum
City Hall (historic resources)
Including: balustrade, landscape, lighting, windows, auditorium stairs
City Historic Buildings Survey (historic resources)
Civil War Monument [Newton Cemetery] (historic resources)
Commonwealth Avenue - 33 Comm (Covenant Residences) [Chestnut Hill] (community housing)
Commonwealth Avenue - Veteran House [Auburndale] (community housing)
Crafts Street Stable (historic resources)
Crystal Lake (historic resources, open space, recreation)
Including: 20 Rogers Street, 230 Lake Avenue
Dolan Pond & Forte Property [Webster Park, West Newton] (open space, community housing)
Durant-Kenrick Homestead (historic resources) -- see also other Historic Newton projects
Eddy Street [Newtonville/West Newton] (community housing)
Elgin Street Conservation Land (open space)
Elliot Street (Linden Green) [Newton Upper Falls] (community housing, historic resources)
Falmouth & Jackson Roads [West Newton and Newton Corner] (community housing)
Forte Park [Nonantum] (recreation)
Flowed Meadow Conservation Area (open space)
Including: 30 Wabasso Street
Gath Pool (recreation)
Heritage Landscapes Report (historic resources, open space, recreation)
Historic Preservation Guidelines (program administration)
Houghton Garden (historic resources)
Kesseler Woods (open space; housing as a secondary community benefit)
Lexington Street (Parkview Homes) [Auburndale] (community housing)
Local Historic Districts Signage [Newtonville & Newton Upper Falls] (historic resources)
Memorial-Spaulding School, Kayla's Garden Outdoor Classroom (recreation)
Museum Exterior Preservation (historic resources) - Historic Newton
Newton Centre Library Building [most recently occupied by Newton Health Dept.] (historic resources)
Newton Centre Playground (recreation)
Newton Corner Library Building (historic resources)
Newton Highlands Playground (recreation)
Newton Senior Center park (recreation)
Newton Upper Falls Playground (recreation)
Pearl Street [Newton Corner] (community housing)
Pelham Street (Pelham House) [Newton Centre] (community housing)
Recreation & Open Space Plan (open space)
Stearns & Pellegrini Parks [Nonantum] (recreation)
Warren House (historic resources)
Washington Park Historic Lighting [Newtonville] (historic resources)
Watertown Street (Nonantum Village Place) [Nonantum] (community housing)
West Newton Common (recreation)
West Street [Nonantum] (community housing)
Wellington Park (recreation)
Wyman Street Apartments [Waban] (community housing)
West Suburban YMCA Historic Windows [Newton Corner] (historic resources)