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  • The links below lead to pages with contact information & the full text of major documents about each proposal or project. Housing projects are listed here by street name. Documents are posted as submitted, without proofreading or editing. If a link is missing or does not work, please contact staff for assistance.
  • After clicking on each link, you may need to scroll down to find the current project -- some pages include multiple projects or multiple funding phases for a single project.

Pending Pre- & Full Proposals

For the most up-to-date status of all pre- & full proposals, use this link: Reports - Current: Pending Pre- & Full Proposals.

CPC Recommendations Pending Before the City Council

To confirm when the Council and its committees will discuss each recommendation below, please contact Council staff directly. Their contact information is included in Council Committees That Review CPC Recommendations, under Committees & Meetings - City Council on this website.

  • (none currently)

Full Proposals Currently Pending Before the CPC

The CPC makes each full proposal available on this website for at least 1 month prior to holding a public hearing on the proposal.    

  • Newton Highlands Playground Rehabilitation (recreation), construction funding -- The CPC recommendation docketed with the City Council in December 2015 is currently on hold at the request of the Parks & Recreation Dept., pending their submission of a revised funding request to the CPC.    

Pre-Proposals Submitted to the CPC

These projects have submitted pre-proposals for advisory discussions with the CPC. 

In March 2016, the sponsor notified the CPC that the Cherry Street [West Newton] affordable housing pre-proposal, which the CPC discussed in February 2016, is no longer active.

Active Projects

The City Council has appropriated funds for these projects, based on the CPC's recommendations. For most up-to-date status, use this link: Reports - Current: Active Funded Projects.


Completed or Canceled Projects

Cherry Street [West Newton]  
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