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About This Page
The links below lead to pages with contact information & the full text of major documents about each proposal or project. Housing projects are listed here by street name. Documents are posted as submitted, without proofreading or editing. For listed projects that do not yet have a live link, please contact staff.
After clicking on each link, you may need to scroll down to find the current project -- some pages include multiple projects or multiple funding phases for a single project.

Pending Pre- & Full Proposals
For the most up-to-date status of all pre- & full proposals, use this link:
Reports - Current: Pending Pre- & Full Proposals.
CPC Recommendations Pending Before the Board of Aldermen
Please contact the Board's staff directly for meeting agendas & schedules. 
Use this link from our Committees & Meetings page: Board Committees That Review CPC Recommendations.
Full Proposals Currently Pending Before the CPC
The CPC makes each full proposal available on this website
for approximately 1 month prior to holding a public hearing on the proposal.
Pre-Proposals Submitted to the CPC
These projects have submitted pre-proposals for advisory discussions with the CPC but have not yet submitted full proposals.
Affordable Housing Trust
Cambria Road [West Newton] (affordable housing)
City Hall - Historic Windows, Phase 2 (historic resources) 
New Art Center [Newtonville] (historic resources) 
1930s Mural [Newton North High School, Newtonville] (historic resources) 

Active Projects
The Board of Aldermen has appropriated funds for these projects, based on the CPC's recommendations.
For most up-to-date status, use this link: Reports - Current: Active Funded Projects
Allen House, Partial Occupancy (historic resources)
Burying Grounds [Historic Cemeteries] (historic resources)
City Archives - Strategic Plan (historic resources)
Early Architecture Surveys, Up to 1870 (historic resources)
Farlow Park, Pond & Bridge (historic resources)
Historic Newton projects (historic resources), including: Museum Archives, Accessibility & Fire Protection 
Myrtle Village [Curve Street, West Newton] (community housing)
Newton Highlands Playground Rehabilitation (recreation) 
Newton Homebuyer Assistance Program (community housing) 
Taft Avenue [West Newton] (affordable housing)
Waban Hill Reservoir [Manet Road, Chestnut Hill] (recreation) 

Completed or Canceled Projects
Accessory Apartment Incentive Program (community housing) Canceled March 2009.
Albemarle Park & Cheesecake Brook Projects (open space, recreation)
Including: Albemarle Community Commons (outdoor classroom), Cheesecake Brook Greenway, & Gath Pool
Angino Farm [Newton Community Farm] (historic resources, open space, recreation)
Archaeology Survey (historic resources)
Historic Art & Artifacts, including City Hall - Mayor Hyde Portrait (historic resources)
Bowen Projects: Bowen Field [Parks & Recreation Dept.] & Bowen Park Initiative [Bowen School] (recreation)
Brigham House (historic resources)
Cabot Community Park [Cabot School] (recreation)
Cambria Road [West Newton] (community housing)
Chestnut Street (Millhouse Commons) [Newton Upper Falls] (community housing)
Christina Street [Newton Highlands] (community housing)
City Archives (historic resources)
Including collections held at: City Hall, Newton Free Library, History Museum
City Hall (historic resources)
Including: balustrade, landscape, lighting, windows, auditorium stairs
City Historic Buildings Survey (historic resources)
Civil War Monument [Newton Cemetery] (historic resources)
Commonwealth Avenue - 33 Comm (Covenant Residences) [Chestnut Hill] (community housing)
Commonwealth Avenue - Veteran House [Auburndale] (community housing)
Crafts Street Stable (historic resources)
Crystal Lake (historic resources, open space, recreation)
Including: 20 Rogers Street, 230 Lake Avenue
Dolan Pond & Forte Property [Webster Park, West Newton] (open space, community housing)
Durant-Kenrick Homestead (historic resources) -- see also other Historic Newton projects
Eddy Street [Newtonville/West Newton] (community housing)
Elgin Street Conservation Land (open space)
Elliot Street (Linden Green) [Newton Upper Falls] (community housing, historic resources)
Falmouth & Jackson Roads [West Newton and Newton Corner] (community housing)
Forte Park [Nonantum] (recreation)
Flowed Meadow Conservation Area (open space)
Including: 30 Wabasso Street
Gath Pool (recreation)
Heritage Landscapes Report (historic resources, open space, recreation)
Historic Preservation Guidelines (program administration)
Houghton Garden (historic resources)
Kesseler Woods (open space; housing as a secondary community benefit)
Lexington Street (Parkview Homes) [Auburndale] (community housing)
Local Historic Districts Signage [Newtonville & Newton Upper Falls] (historic resources)
Memorial-Spaulding School, Kayla's Garden Outdoor Classroom (recreation)
Museum Exterior Preservation (historic resources) - Historic Newton
Newton Centre Library Building [most recently occupied by Newton Health Dept.] (historic resources)
Newton Centre Playground (recreation)
Newton Corner Library Building (historic resources)
Newton Highlands Playground (recreation)
Newton Senior Center park (recreation)
Newton Upper Falls Playground (recreation)
Pearl Street [Newton Corner] (community housing)
Pelham Street (Pelham House) [Newton Centre] (community housing)
Recreation & Open Space Plan (open space)
Stearns & Pellegrini Parks [Nonantum] (recreation)
Warren House (historic resources)
Washington Park Historic Lighting [Newtonville] (historic resources)
Watertown Street (Nonantum Village Place) [Nonantum] (community housing)
West Newton Common (recreation)
West Street [Nonantum] (community housing)
Wellington Park (recreation)
Wyman Street Apartments [Waban] (community housing)
West Suburban YMCA Historic Windows [Newton Corner] (historic resources)