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Crescent Street 

Affordable Housing & Community Park

70 Crescent Street, Auburndale, MA 02465

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Build 8 units of rental housing, with at least 4 units permanently affordable (see proposed income levels below) and expand an existing small community park (the Reverend Ford Playground) on land taken for the Mass Turnpike in the early 1960s but later returned to the City of Newton and used by its Parks & Recreation Dept.

housing units & income levels (AMI = area median income):

updated to reflect the March 2018 updated budgets below

unit size 60% AMI  ≤ 80% AMI  <99% AMI  ≤120% AMI total units 



2 bdrms, 1 bath

1  2  --  1  4  8
3 bdrms, 1.5 baths  1  1  1  1  4 12 



funds appropriated through September 2017: 


CPA funds appropriated for site assessments (4 April 206, Council order  #119-16); CPA funds spent $41,752
For reports from these assessments below, click here.

$100,000  City non-CPA funds appropriated for site cleanup (6 September 2016, Council order #276-16)


CPA funds appropriated for feasibility & design: $103,378 for housing; $156,622 for playground (6 March 2017, Council order #35-17B) 


In addition, $58,247 of funds unspent from the site assessment above were forwarded for feasibility & design: $8,247 for housing; $50,000 for playground.

$298,500  City non-CPA funds appropriated for feasibility & design (6 March 2017, Council order #10-17)

additional funding requested or to be requested, per March 2018 updated budgets below:

additional CPA funding: 

 $1,481,622 for affordable housing
 $1,093,378 for expansion of Rev. Ford Playground
additional non-CPA funding (all for housing, none for playground):
$750,000 in BOTH financing plans: City of Newton Inclusionary Zoning Fund



(same amount in both plans)

EITHER Affordable Housing Financing Plan: $1,758,000 from City of Newton Rainy Day Fund; $576,932 from City of Newton Health Holiday Fund; no debt


OR Standalone Financing Plan: $1,000,000 CDBG and $350,000 HOME (both sources are Newton federal funds); $984,932 City of Newton loan to project @ 3.75% interest

$6,019,932 including all costs/funding listed above (no change from December 2017 proposal), excluding costs listed in budgets as "other" (neither housing nor playground)
totals breakdown from March 2018 updated budgets below:
$4,720,127  total housing costs (no change from December 2017 proposal)
 $1,299,805 total playground/park costs (no change from December 2017 proposal)
 $242,000 total other costs (reduced from $583,499 in December 2017 proposal)


  • Joshua Morse, Commissioner &
    Rafik Ayoub, Project Manager
    City of Newton Public Buildings Dept.
    52 Elliot Street, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
    phone: 617.796.1600
  • Barney Heath, Director &
    Amanda Berman, Housing Development Planner
    Planning and Development Dept.
    City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Centre, MA 02459
    phone: 617.796.1120
  • Robert DeRubeis, Commissioner
    City of Newton Parks & Recreation Dept.
    246 Dudley Road, Kennard Park, Newton, MA 02459
    phone: 718.796.1500

CPA Funding Process

Click here for minutes from all CPC discussions of this project to date (February 2016-June 2018).

2016 overall pre-proposal & site environmental assessment

29 January 2016 - pre-proposal, with preliminary development budgets for full project

18 February-1 March 2016 - site assessment proposal and quotes from Public Buildings on-call consultants; does not include project development budgets

17 March 2016 - CPA site assessment funding CPC recommendation

4 April 2016 - CPA site assessment funding City Council order (appropriation, $100,000)

2016-17 feasibility & design

12-21 December 2016 - full proposal ($316,555 in CPA funds; reduced to $258,308 by requesting to apply unspent balance from site assessment), divided into several files:

19 January 2017 - CPA design funding public hearing presentation

30 January 2017 - CPA design funding CPC recommendation

6 March 2017 - CPA design funding City Council order (appropriation, $260,000)

27 October-1 November 2017 - update to CPC, requesting to submit off-cycle full proposal for additional $2,640,000 in CPA funding (budget updates, presentation to/recommendations from Design Review Committee)

28 November 2017 - visual presentation to CPC, including schematic site plans, floor plans, elevations and interior views for the housing 

2017-18 final design & construction

December 2017-January 2018 - off-cycle full proposal requesting additional $2,575,000 in CPA funding; posted as these separate files:

January-June 2018 - updates to CPC from proposal sponsor:

17 January through 16 June 2018 - community letters received about this proposal to date (not submitted by proposal sponsor)

February-May 2018 - communications to & from the Newton City Council, including:

  • February 2018 Public Facilities Committee - cost & subsidy comparisons with past projects (updated from submission above to CPC), letter of support, summaries & comments by Councilors 
  • May 2018 memo from Councilor Crossley to the CPC, with text of City Council Fy19 budget resolution for Crescent Street

January-May 2018 - submissions from CPC members & staff, including:

  • January-February 2018 staff notes for CPC, including suggested questions and cost, subsidy & rent comparisons with other projects
  •  February 2018 project cost analysis & questions (CPC members Dan Brody and Beryl Gilfix)
  • 25 May 2018 project cost analysis (CPC member Dan Brody)

February-June 2018 - CPC consultant analysis, including (in reverse chronological order):

  • 29 May 2018 consultant final report
  • April-May 2018 proposal sponsor responses to consultant questions
  • March 2018 consultant proposal & qualifications
  • February 2018 CPC request for quotes and scope of work
  • posted separately: June-July 2018 consultant follow-up, including executive summary presented at 21 June 2018 CPC meeting and final thoughts on project options, 29 June 2018

11 July 2018 - CPC memo to Mayor Fuller, Newton City Council, and Crescent Street Working Group

Non-CPA City of Newton Funding

6 September 2016 - non-CPA City funding site cleanup City Council Order (appropriation, $100,000), based on site environmental assessment (assessment reports under "Project News" below)

  • This September 2016 document also includes details for the Public Buildings Dept.'s recommended site cleanup method and cost estimates.

6 March 2017 - non-CPA City design funding City Council order (appropriation, $298,500)

Project News & Results

project planning 2011-2015

23 November 2011 - Planning Dept. initial memo to Real Property Reuse Committee

19 September 2012 - Joint Advisory Planning Group Final Report (citizen advisory committee appointed to advise the Reuse Committee)

2006-January 2014 - neighborhood historic maps and neighborhood historic photos

13 July 2015 - Planning Dept. final memo to Board of Aldermen Real Property Reuse Committee

16 November 2015 - Board of Aldermen final order for allowed/required reuse of this site

project management, 2014 - present

site environmental assessments:

public bidding for consultant services:


Project Olds (Neighborhood History)

1870s-1960s - neighborhood historic maps and neighborhood historic photos

2000 - Massachusetts historic survey of the neighborhood

2008 - neighborhood listing on the National Register of Historic Places

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