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Commonwealth Avenue Carriageway Redesign

Commonwealth Avenue Carriageway Redesign



 Commonwealth Avenue from Lyons Field to the Charles River Bridge, Auburndale



The Commonwealth Avenue Carriageway Redesign Project will redesign, reconstruct, and restore a critical compromised segment of the Commonwealth Avenue Carriageway from Lyons Field to the Charles River Bridge, in the process creating new green space and adding a continuous walking and bicycle path by rerouting vehicular traffic to the south side of the median. The project will increase the overall amount of green space, link myriad trail networks including the Charles River Path, the Riverside Greenway trail network (in development), and Weston’s planned shared use path (currently at 25% design), increase visibility and access to the historic boathouse on the Charles River, and improve transit access in the area by upgrading bus stops.



  $390,000 CPA Funding Requested to complete Final Design

  $47,900     City of Newton and Solomon Funds allocated for Concept Design

  $200,000 City of Newton Funds allocated for 25% Design

       $4,590,000 MassDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program funding confirmed for construction

               $5,227,900 TOTAL PROJECT COST



Nicole Freedman, Director of Transportation Planning

City of Newton

1000 Commonwealth Avenue

Newton, MA 02459 617.796.1481 

Barney Heath, Director 

Planning and Development Department

1000 Commonwealth Avenue

Newton, MA 02459 617.796.1120

Funding Process

June 26, 2020  - Pre-Proposal Submitted for CPC Review at July 14 Meeting. The following additional materials were also submitted with the pre-proposal form:



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