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Riverside Greenway (Auburndale - Riverside) - Design

From Evergreen Street/Lasell Boathouse Bridge in Auburndale, I-90 underpass at Charles Street, Riverside Depot Tunnel from Charles Street, to start of Pony Truss Bridge trail


To take proposed trails & paths along the Charles River between Riverside and Auburndale from 25% to 100% design, to qualify for state and federal construction funding.


$50,000   CPA funds appropriated
$162,000 state grants (2018 + 2019), Mass Trails


  • Katherine Howard, Treasurer
    Newton Conservators (fiscal agent for Riverside Greenway Working Group)
    PO Box 590011, Newton, MA 02459
Funding Process


24 May 2019 - pre-proposal to the CPC.

11-20 September 2019 - Pigeon Hill Trail Design full proposal to the CPC, divided into two files:

10 October 2019 - presentation to CPC public hearing

31 October 2019 - CPC funding recommendation to the City Council

16 December 2019 - City Council order (appropriation)

5 June 2020 - Interim Project Report from Riverside Greenway Working Group

9 June 2020 - The Riverside Greenway Working Group presents its Interim Project Report to the CPC and discusses the possibility of changing the approved use of the funding. The CPC expressed their continued support for the project and potential changes to the scope. No votes were taken at this time.

Project News

Slide Show of the Charles River, Lower Falls to Auburndale, 1852-2019

Riverside Greenways (as envisioned, September 2018)

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