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Community Preservation Program

Cabot [School] Community Park

location: 229 Cabot Street
Newtonville, MA 02460
goals: Create an outdoor classroom and community park in an unused space next to Cabot Elementary School, near a housing development for seniors. Based on the children's own designs, the park has brick paths, granite seating, benches, a birdbath & bird house, sundial, and a trellis.
$68,270 CP funds appropriated & spent (recreation)
$10,230 Cabot PTO funds
$2,500 teacher donation (Disney grant)
$1,000 School Dept funds, plus volunteer maintenance


cash value not estimated committment to permanent, volunteer maintenance by the PTO, which recognized that the design was too complex for maintenance to be funded through Parks & Recreation Dept. operating budget
contacts: Principal, Cabot School
Mailing address same as above
phone: 617.559.9400

Proposal Review & Appropriations
November 2003 initial proposal, including estimated budget
attachments 1 (past Cabot projects and current site conditions)
attachments 2 (children's design process)
attachments 3 (letters of support, qualifications, other funding commitments, site evaluation and plan)
19 November 2003 revised budget
24 November 2003 public hearing presentation (includes photos)
22 March 2004 second revised proposal with updated budget & site plan
31 March 2004 CPC funding recommendation
17 May 2004 Board order (appropriation)
Project News
30 June 2006 budget for remaining work
31 October 2007 gala opening: press coverage & other photos
May 2008 &
September 2009