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Historic Cemeteries

For information about projects in the privately owned Newton Cemetery, including the restoration of the City-owned Civil War Monument, click here.

Historic Burying Grounds

Owned by the City of Newton




  • East Parish Burying Ground (Cotton & Centre Streets, Newton Centre)
  • West Parish Burying Ground (River & Cherry Streets, West Newton)
  • South Parish Burying Ground (Winchester Street, Newton Highlands/Newton Upper Falls)


Preserve, restore, rehabilitate and improve public safety and access to three historic City-owned burial grounds through:

  • pruning and removal of trees that are diseased or threaten the integrity of gravestones or tombs;
  • cleaning, stabilization, and repair of over 130 historic headstones, footstones, and monuments (in phase 1),
  • and approximately 30 historic tombs (in phases 2 and 3);
  • historically appropriate new fencing and interpretive signage.


$445,672 CPA funds appropriated (historic resources), phases 1 and 2
$208,007 CPA funds appropriated July 2014, phase 3
$50,000 Massachusetts Historical Commission (confirmed grant award, August 2015)



  • Lisa Dady, Executive Director
    Historic Newton
    527 Washington Street
    Newton Corner, MA 02458
    Historic Newton is a public-private partnership between the Jackson Homestead (a City of Newton department) and the private Newton Historical Society.

Proposal Review & Appropriations

South Burying Ground Fence Replacement 2020

August 23, 2020 - Historic Newton requests approval to use some of the existing Burying Ground funding to replace and extend the fencing protecting Newton's South Burying Ground.  Additional information included with the request includes:

September 11, 2020 - Letter of Support from Charles McMillan

September 25, 2020 - Letter of Support from Hope Cline

October 6, 2020 - Revised Project Budget submitted

October 13, 2020 - CPC unanimously approves the use of the remaining Burying Grounds project funds to replace the fencing along the north and east sides of the South Burying Ground and to reconstruct/repair the damaged retaining wall in that area.


Historic Burying Grounds 2002-03, Phase 1


October 2002- Phase 1 proposal (gravestones)

  • Full project letters of support, incl. letters from Parks & Recreation Dept. and Newton Historical Commission.

1 November 2002 - Phase 1 schedule & budget,updated (gravestones)

3 January 2003 - Letter addressing maintenance concerns

7 April 2003 - Phase 1 CPC funding recommendation

22 April 2003 - Phase 1 Board order (appropriation): $188,277

November 2004 - updated Master Plan, (all phases) with updated recommendations for fencing

November 2004 -January 2005 - updated full project budget (all phases)


Historic Burying Grounds 2004-2011, Phases 2A and 2B


October 2004 - Phase 2a proposal (tombs) and budget, also showing future phases

12 January 2005- Phase 2a CPC funding recommendation

19 April 2005 - Phase 2a Board order (appropriation): $257,395

12 October 2010 - Phase 2b proposal (tombs & fencing), $624,461.13 requested

6 March 2011 - Newton Historical Society annual financial statements

15 December 2010 - Phase 2b public hearing presentation, with photos (long file, may be slow to load)

4 January 2011 - City of Newton Law Dept. confirmation of eligibility for line items in project budget

6 March 2011 - Phase 2b proposal revisions & updates and presentation, with photos (long file, may load slowly)

April 2011 - The CPC declined to recommend further funding for the Burying Grounds until Historic Newton completed bid restructuring, rebidding, and all site work that could be done with remaining already appropriated funds.


Historic Burying Grounds 2013-  , Phase 3


3 June 2013 - Phase 3 pre-proposal (tree work & tombs), $410,987 anticipated request

15 November 2013 - Phase 3 full proposal, $290,207 request

9 January 2014 - Phase 3 proposal presentation, (including photographs and budget)

11 April 2014 - Phase 3 proposal - updates, including revised funding request for $208,007 and updated project manager information

15 May 2014 - Phase 3 CPC funding recommendation

14 July 2014 - Phase 3 Board order (appropriation)


Project News


2000 - Dept. of Conservation & Recreation historic cemeteries handbook, recommendations for Newton

ongoing - Historic Burying Grounds page on Historic Newton website




April-May 2008 - - process for workplan & budget revisions

December 2009 - project work update

December 2009-January 2010 -preservation consultants' recommendations (from Building & Monument Conservation and Structures North, who helped to develop the May 2010 invitation for bids)

26 May 2010 - revised workplan & budget, with CPC approval

16 December 2009 - project work update, with photos (as part of overall update on all Historic Newton projects)

July-August 2010 - invitation for bids and plans (long documents, will load slowly), and bids received

March 2011 - Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey of East Parish Burying Ground & adjacent Loring Park; GPR is used by archaeologists to identify potential archaeological resources without excavation. This survey was conducted using CPA funds appropriated for Newton's Archaeology Survey.

21 April 2011 - Phase 2a/2b revised invitation for bids and plans (long documents, will load slowly)

December 2011 - Phase 2a/2b all contracted work completed, $60,652 unspent balance of previously appropriated funds retained for future work at these sites




June 2016 - Request for Proposals for Tomb Restoration

August 2015 - $50,000 Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund grant awarded

27 June 2017 - state-held preservation restriction on East Parish Burying Ground (South Middlesex Registry of Deeds, book 69504, page 213)

25 August 2017 - request to spend $3,000 of already appropriated CPA funds on additional gravestone conservation at East Parish Burying Ground (Cotton Street, Newton Centre) - approved by CPC

22 February 2019 - request to spend $8,690 of already appropriated CPA funds to repair damage caused by fallen tree at South Burying Ground (Winchester Street, Newton Highlands) -  approved by CPC

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