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Auburn Street

Affordable Housing & Historic Preservation


236 Auburn Street, Auburndale, MA 02466


Rehabilitate an 1860s Italianate home and add modular new construction to create 8 units of permanently affordable rental housing: 3 units for families at up to 60% of the area median income (one 2-bedroom unit and two 3-bedroom units) and 5 units in a congregate home for adults with intellectual and other disabilities, at up to 30% of the area median income.



CPA funding, historic resources (recommended)

 $677,700 CPA funding, affordable housing (recommended)

CDBG funding (federal funds allocated to Newton)

 $447,900  HOME funding (federal funds allocated to Newton)

Massachusetts Facilities Consolidation Fund (FCF),

for clients of the Massachusetts Dept. of Developmental Services

$450,000 sale of completed congregate facility to the Barry L. Price Rehabilitation Center



  • Jennifer Van Campen, Executive Director &
    Josephine McNeil, Executive Director Emeritus
    Citizens for Affordable Housing in Newton
    Development Organization (CAN-DO)
    79-B Chapel Street, Nonantum, MA 02458
    emails:  (Van Campen), (McNeil)
    phones: (Van Campen) 617.923.3505, (McNeil) 617.964.3527
  • Jennifer Van Campen, Executive Director &
    Linda Moody, Real Estate Project Manager
    Metro West Collaborative Development
    79-B Chapel Street, Nonantum, MA 02458
    phone: 617.923.3505

Funding Process


25 August 2016 - property inspection report


17 March 2017 - pre-proposal to the CPC, including:

28 April-1 June 2017 - full proposal to the CPC, including:

9 May-6 July 2017 - independent underwriting analysis & risk assessment (required for requested use of HOME funds)

31 May 2017 - project presentation to CPC public hearing

5 June 2017  - community letters received to date about this proposal

23 June 2017 - CPC funding recommendation

historic preservation reviews:

Planning & Development Board review of requested CDBG/HOME funding:

Project Background & News


30 March 2017 - aerial photograph & property record from Newton Assessors' Database

17 April 2017 - full phase 1 environmental report (559 pp.)

1874-1917 - historic maps & postcards of the neighborhood

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