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Auburn Street

Affordable Housing & Historic Preservation


236 Auburn Street, Auburndale, MA 02466


Rehabilitate an 1860s Italianate home and add modular new construction to create 8 units of permanently affordable rental housing: 3 units for families at up to 60% of the area median income (one 2-bedroom unit and two 3-bedroom units) and 5 units in a congregate home for adults with intellectual and other disabilities, at up to 30% of the area median income.



CPA funding, historic resources (recommended)

 $677,700 CPA funding, affordable housing (recommended)

CDBG funding (federal funds allocated to Newton)

 $447,900  HOME funding (federal funds allocated to Newton)

Massachusetts Facilities Consolidation Fund (FCF),

for clients of the Massachusetts Dept. of Developmental Services

$450,000 sale of completed congregate facility to the Barry L. Price Rehabilitation Center



Comprehensive Permit Process

To follow the Comprehensive Permit process for this project, click here  or on this project's link on the Planning Department's High Interest Projects webpage.

CPA Funding Process


25 August 2016 - property inspection report


17 March 2017 - pre-proposal to the CPC, including:

28 April-1 June 2017 - full proposal to the CPC, including:

9 May-6 July 2017 - independent underwriting analysis & risk assessment (required for requested use of HOME funds)

31 May 2017 - project presentation to CPC public hearing

5 June 2017  - community letters received to date about this proposal

23 June 2017 - CPC funding recommendation

2 October 2017 - City Council order (appropriation)


Non-CPA Reviews & Funding

historic preservation:

Planning & Development Board review of requested CDBG/HOME funding:

Project Background & News


30 March 2017 - aerial photograph & property record from Newton Assessors' Database

17 April 2017 - full phase 1 environmental report (559 pp.)

1874-1917 - historic maps & postcards of the neighborhood

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