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Nathaniel Allen House

35 Webster Street, West Newton, MA 02465


Rehabilitate the pre-Civil War home of renowned educator Nathaniel Topliff Allen, later used as a school run by his daughters, for use as a cultural center, with teaching, rehearsal, performance and office spaces for arts organizations; public indoor and outdoor spaces; and a rotating exhibit on the history of this Newton Historic Landmark.


(most recently updated 25 April 2016)

$300,000 phase 1, CPA funds appropriated & spent (historic resources)
$2,000,000 phase 2, CPA funds appropriated (phased release, contingent on reaching specified targets for commitment of non-CPA funds)
$700,000 capital campaign (to be raised)
$750,000 bank line of credit
$1,150,000 additional donations & grants (primarily Massachusetts Cultural Council)
$1,000,000 Massachusetts historic tax credits (basis)


  • Laurel Farnsworth, NCA Board Member
    73 Perkins Street
    West Newton, MA 02465
    phone: 617.244.2209 or 617.429.7297

Funding Process




25 March 2013 - pre-proposal, including draft historic resources attachments

15 November 2013 - full proposal, including the following sections posted separately:

project plans: Very large files; may be faster to download for reading offline. Many of these plans are sized for 24x36 inch paper. For onscreen reading, set display to 100% or larger.



9 January 2014 - public presentation, including (photos, selected plans from those above, budget overview)

18 February 2014 - updated project budgets

19 June 2014 - revised project plan & updated project budgets

29 July 2014 - partial occupancy proposal (phase 1 of the full project), including: scope of work, development budget, non-CPA funding to date, one-year operating budget, anticipated funding sources, uses & phasing for full project

2 September 2014 - update on NCA acquisition of abutting property at 406 Cherry Street, West Newton

2 September 2014 - CPC funding recommendation, including: summary of sources & uses for all non-CPA funding to date; anticipated funding sources; uses & phasing for full project

summaries in support of funding recommendation:

6 October 2014 - Board order ($300,000 appropriation)



11 June 2015 - update on NCA plans for next phase of CPA funding

11 February 2016 - for additional rehabilitation (phase 2):

  • full proposal, with project summary, project budgets, changes to plans since 2013 submission, project team qualifications, project sponsor financials, etc.
  • photos & maps
  • plans, condensed  Large file; may be faster to download and read offline.
  • plans, full size Extremely large file; should be downloaded for reading offline. Plans are sized for 24x36 inch paper; for onscreen reading, set display to 100% or larger.

8-10 March 2016 - public hearing presentation and League of Women Voters comments on proposal 

4 April 2016 - CPC funding recommendation

19 April 2016 - City Council order ($2,000,000 appropriation)


Project Background & News


1970s - 1990s


July 1977 - successful nomination of this property to the National Register of Historic Places

January 1978 - Massachusetts Historical Commission Historic Property Survey of this property

November 1980 - preservation restriction held jointly by the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the City of Newton

1980s - photos & documents from community and City efforts to preserve this property, online from the Newton Free Library,

  • Click on these tabs in this order: Photographs >> Assorted Images >> Buildings >> Allen House Photographs.

1997-98 - This property was declared a City of Newton Landmark on 5 March 1998.

2015 - partial occupancy (phase 1)


26 January 2015 - Allen House partial occupancy (phase 1) grant agreement

23 January 2015 - project update to the CPC

9-11 June 2015 - final report to the CPC

2016 - additional rehabilitation (phase 2)


5 August 2016, amended 13 December 2016 - Allen House additional rehabilitation (phase 2) grant agreement


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