CPA Proposals & Projects

Albemarle Park & Cheesecake Brook

in Newtonville, from Eddy Street, crossing Watertown and Crafts Streets, north along Albemarle Road to the Charles River; see map links below 



$280,906 CPA funds appropriated, funds counted toward:
$5,906 open space
$275,800 recreation
$44,897 returned to CP Fund, including $33,400 from canceled project


  • for Albemarle Park, Albemarle Community Commons, Gath Pool:
    Bob DeRubeis, Commissioner
    City of Newton Parks & Recreation Dept.
    246 Dudley Road
    Newton, MA 02459
  • for Cheesecake Brook Greenway:
    John Daghlian, Associate City Engineer
    City of Newton Dept. of Public Works
    1000 Commonwealth Avenue
    Newton Centre, MA 02449
  • neighborhood/nonprofit partners for all projects:

    Margaret Doris
    The Playground Project at Albemarle, Inc.
    119 Fair Oaks Avenue
    Newtonville, MA 02460

    Margaret Albright
    Friends of Albemarle
    166 Edinboro Street
    Newtonville, MA 02460

    Curtis Betts
    The Playground Project, Inc. & Friends of Albemarle
    305 Albemarle Road
    Newtonville, MA 02460 617.965.1799

Background for All Projects

25 June 2006 - historical maps & photos - handouts for community walking tour sponsored by Newton Conservators & Newton History Museum (long file, will load slowly)

May 2005 - overview plan from Landscape Institute independent project used in several proposals below but not officially commissioned/adopted by Parks & Recreation Commission (very long file, will load slowly)

overview map & photos - includes map from plan above; submitted with proposals below

multi-project maps - useful for distinguishing among many projects in this area that overlap geographically & have similar titles; most involved no CP funds

Albemarle Community Commons

Outdoor Classroom 


Create a fully accessible, multisensory outdoor community classroom/park on a portion of the Halloran Sports and Recreation Complex in Albemarle Park, adjacent to the new playground behind the Horace Mann Elementary School, including: gazebo, raised planting beds, new drinking fountain and sundial


$99,931 CPA funds appropriated (recreation)
$11,496 unspent funds returned
$88,435 CP funds spent

Proposal Review & Appropriations

November 2002 - proposal, including budget, photos, and slide presentation

5 June 2003 - CPC funding recommendation

14 July 2003 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

November 2004 - project design/construction documents This very long file will load slowly.

18 May 2011 - In response to the project's unspent balance of $12,929 since 2007, the Community Preservation Committee asked the Parks & Recreation Dept. to close the project and return all unspent funds. See page 5 of these CPC meeting minutes.

21 September 2011 - The CPC extended the project completion deadline to 1 June 2011. See page 2 of these CPC meeting minutes.

13 June 2012 - Parks & Recreation Dept. request for further extension (remaining project balance $11,496)

26 June 2012 - CPC denial of further extension (excerpt from minutes)

Cheesecake Brook Greenway 

Eddy Street to the Charles River

For the location of the brook's numbered sections below, see multi-project maps.


Design and install improvements along this channelized brook, from Eddy Street to the Charles River, including bike paths, improved linkage to abutting open spaces and recreation facilities, environmental remediation to improve water quality, accessible footbridge, new plantings, lighting and outdoor furnishings.


$25,100 CPA funds appropriated, counted as:
$21,600 recreation
$2,400 open space
$1,100 services from City of Newton Law Dept
$430 unspent funds returned

Proposal Review & Appropriations

Cheesecake Brook Greenway 1

(Eddy Street to Harrington Street)

Funded through Newton's Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG). CPA funds were not requested.

Cheesecake Brook Greenway 2

(Harrington Street to Watertown Street)

17 October 2005 - proposal, including budget, photos, and slide presentation

October 2006 - updated project presentation & photos

2006-07 - excerpts from CPC minutes (the CPC deferred any decision on whether to recommend funding)

Cheesecake Brook Greenway 3

(Watertown Street to the Charles River)

17 October 2005 - proposal

20 April 2006 - CPC funding recommendation

5 June 2006 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

Cheesecake Brook Greenway 3

(Watertown Street to the Charles River)

7 November 2006 - project consultant scope of work

24 June 2009 - near-final concept drawings/maps presented at community mtg This long file may load slowly.

December 2009 - final master plan This long file may load slowly.

Albemarle Park

Central Corridor


Based on Albemarle Park Master Plan, design improvements to the central corridor of the park, including: improved circulation and linkages, ecological restoration of southern portions of Avery Woods, new entry plaza, new plantings, berms, lighting and furnishings.


$33,400 CPA funds appropriated, counted as:
$28,800 recreation
$3,200 open space

services from City of Newton Law Dept.


Proposal Review & Appropriations

30 September 2005 - proposal, with attachments:

November 2005 - presentation at public hearing (incl. photos & maps)

February 2006 - proposal letters of support

20 April 2006 - CPC funding recommendation

5 June 2006 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

12 November 2008 - Work on this project had not yet begun by fall 2008, when Newton received the court decision SJC-10135, 24 October 2008, determining that such projects constituted the "rehabilitation" of parks not created or acquired with CPA funds and were therefore not eligible for CPA funds under the state CPA statute at that time. The project was canceled and all funds were returned. See the Community Preservation Coalition's newsletter article from January 2009 for an analysis of this court decision.

NOTE: In summer 2012, the state CPA statute was amended to allow CPA funding for the rehabilitation of parks not created or acquired with CPA funds. Click here for the current full text of the statute.

Gath Pool 


Accommodate new users, especially young children and seniors, by providing a shade structure, benches, fully accessible drinking fountains, additional grab bars for shower areas, and non-slip flooring for locker rooms and public passage areas.


$122,475 CPA funds appropriated, including $1,600 for services from City of Newton Law Dept.

Proposal Review & Appropriations

15 October 2004 - proposal, with letters of support

27 April 2005 - CPC funding recommendation

20 June 2005 - Board order (appropriation), for project costs

8 August 2005 - Board order (appropriation), for City of Newton legal services


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