Newton Community Preservation Program

The Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA) provides local and state funds for affordable housing, historic resources, open space and recreation land.  Click on any of this site's main links to learn more about the CPA and Newton's program.

Slide Show of Newton's Current CPA Proposals & Projects

(For a slide show of past Newton CPA projects by neighborhood, click here.)


Upcoming Meetings

  • Agenda requests and written materials are due on Monday, 17 October 2016 for the CPC meeting on Thursday, 3 November 2016.
  • NOTE: On 29 September 2016, the Planning Department notified the CPC that it will not submit a full proposal for a Newton Highlands Local Historic District study report because that project can be completed without CPA funds. As this was the only full proposal expected in the Fy17 annual funding round, November 3rd will be a regular public meeting, rather than a public hearing on new proposals.
  • The extra CPC meeting tentatively scheduled for 17 November 2016 has been canceled, because it is not needed for hearings on new proposals.

For submission deadlines and dates of later CPC meetings, use our Calendar link. Off-cycle full proposals are due 1 month prior to their requested public hearing dates -- significantly earlier than the regular deadlines.

Upcoming Funding Deadlines

The required first steps in the funding process are an in-person orientation meeting with staff and discussion of a short pre-proposal with the CPC at one of its regular public meetings. Sponsors of projects aimed at funding rounds in Fy18 or later must:    

  • contact staff by 3 February 2017 to request an in-person orientation meeting
  • submit a pre-proposal by 3 March 2017, for discussion with the CPC at one of the Committee's regular public meetings
  • if the CPC invites submission of a full proposal, submit that proposal by 2 October 2017

Sponsors are strongly encouraged to request orientation meetings and submit pre-proposals well ahead of the deadlines for their target funding round. The CPC has more time for thoughtful discussion of early pre-proposals, which can also help the Committee consider reserving current funds for future use.


Staff Contact

  • Alice E. Ingerson, Ph.D., Community Preservation Program Manager
    Planning & Development Department, Newton City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Ave., Newton, MA 02459
    phone: 617.796.1144
    TDD / TTY: 617.796.1089

Slide Show of Newton's CPA Projects by Neighborhood (as of November 2012)

For a full-size PDF version of this slide show, click here.

Most files on this website are in PDF format. Download the free software needed to read these files by clicking on this link: If an apparent hyperlink in or to a PDF file no longer works, please ask staff for assistance in finding the document you need.

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