About the Community Preservation Act

Information on this page is organized under these two headings below:

Newton's Community Preservation Program: how local contributions are calculated, allowable uses of funds, full text of our local CPA ordinance

Massachusetts Community Preservation Act, Massachusetts General Laws chapter 44B, ("CPA"  for short):  full text of the legislation, sources of funds, required uses of funds, the statewide Community Preservation Coalition

The CPA allows local communities to adopt a surcharge on property taxes and receive state matching funds for affordable housing, historic resources, open space and recreation land. The citizens of Newton adopted the CPA in 2001, the first possible year, with a 1% local surcharge.

The Act also specifies the types of work or activities that may be funded for each resource, to ensure that "community preservation funds [do] not replace existing operating funds, only augment them." For example, the CPA may not be used to fund routine maintenance.

Newton's Community Preservation Program 

  • How much do you contribute to Newton's Community Preservation Fund?
  • Newton's CPA Ordinances (updated October 2019) define the duties of and appointments to Newton's Community Preservation Committee (CPC), how the CPC works with the Mayor and City Council, and the implications of using CPA funds to preserve and rehabilitate City-owned buildings.

Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA) 

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