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Mailing Address Business Hours Department Head
1000 Commonwealth Ave.
Basement Level, Room B10 &
Room 202, 2nd Floor
Newton MA, 02459
617-796-1086 Fax
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 8:00pm (5:00-8:00 - 2nd Floor Office)

Barney Heath



Staff Listed Alphabetically

*= office is located on 2nd Floor, Room 202

Janet Antonellis
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 1136

Office Support for Planning & Community Development Department

Danielle Bailey
Grants Manager

Financial oversight of federal grant programs, NCDA Secretary

Eamon Bencivengo

Housing Development Planner

Ext. 1145

Housing Development, WestMetro HOME Consortium Activities and Support

Amanda Berman

Director of Housing & Community Development

Ext. 1147

Housing Policy and Plans, Affordable Housing Programs, Inclusionary Zoning,
Newton Housing Partnership, Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI)

Jennifer Caira*

Chief Planner
Ext. 1121 Development Review, Land Use Committee - Special Permits, Zoning Board of Appeals - Comprehensive Permits, Administrative Site Plan Review, Accessory Apartments, Current and Long Range Planning, Zoning Reform, Zoning & Planning Committee

Neil Cronin*

Senior Planner

Ext. 1141

Development Review, Land Use Committee - Special Permits, Accessory Apartments, Administrative Site Plan Review

Doug Desmarias

Housing Rehabilitation/

Construction Manager

Ext. 1148

Construction Supervision of Housing Projects, Lead Paint Inspections, Construction Supervision of Rehab Projects


Devra Bailin

Economic Development Director

Ext. 1122

Promotion of business development in Newton, Economic Development, City's business liaison for new and existing businesses including Newton Innovation Center (NIC), N2 Corridor and Charles River Mill District.

Nicole Freedman

Director of Transportation Planning


Public Transportation, Traffic Calming, Transportation Strategy, Accessible Traffic Signals, Bike Lanes, Bike Racks, Shared Parking, Autonomous Vehicles

Michael Gleba*

Senior Planner

Ext. 1123  

Development Review, Land Use Committee - Special Permits, Accessory Apartments, Administrative Site Plan Review

Katy Hax Holmes *
Chief Preservation Planner
Ext. 1143

Newton Historical Commission, Demolition Review, National Register Nominations, Local Landmarks, Survey and Planning Grants, Historic Preservation, Special Projects, Institutional Reviews

Adrianna Henriquez Olmsted

Administrative Assistant/Clerk to Zoning Board of Appeals

Ext. 1133

Zoning Board of Appeals

Gabriel Holbrow

Community Planner/ Engagement Specialist

Ext. 1140

Community Engagement and

Long Range Planning Projects- Master Planning, Visioning & Special Projects

Alice Ingerson
Community Preservation Program Manager
Ext. 1144
Community Preservation Committee (CPC) - Funding for affordable housing, historic preservation, open space, and land for outdoor recreation

Barbara Kurze *
Senior Preservation Planner
Ext. 1129
Local Historic District Commissions - Auburndale, Chestnut Hill, Newton Upper Falls, & Newtonville


Zachery LeMel

Long Range Planner
Ext. 1127
Master Planning Projects – Zoning Redesign, Zoning & Planning Committee

Tiffany Leung

Community Development Planner
Ext. 1146
Neighborhood Improvement Projects, Architectural Access Projects, Human Service Program, Emergency Solutions Grant Program, federal compliance

Malcom Lucas
Housing Planner
Ext. 1149
Housing Rehabilitation Program, First Time Homebuyer Resale Program, Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program (TBRA), Fair Housing Committee

Claire Rundelli

Assistant Environmental Planner

Ext. 1152

Conservation Commission, Conservation Area Management, Wetlands/Floodplains Regulatory Enforcement

Jane Santosuosso *

Chief Zoning Code Official
Ext. 1128
Zoning Reviews

Shubee Sikka
Urban Designer
Ext. 1139
Urban Design Commission, Design work for Long Range Planning Projects - Street Design Guide & Special Projects

Jennifer Steel
Chief Environmental Planner
Ext. 1134  
Conservation Commission, Wetlands Permitting, Conservation Land Management, Climate Planning, Trails Planning

Mary Walsh Rines
Accounts Specialist
Ext. 1135

Finance and Accounting for Federal/State Grants & City Budget,

Rehab Loan Accounting

Katie Whewell*

Planning Associate

Ext. 1132

Current Planning, Land Use Committee

Heather Zaring

Senior Development Services Assistant

Ext. 1071  

Admin for sign permits, historic reviews, Current Planning Division.       

Community Development and HOME Program Manager
Ext. 1125

WestMetro HOME Consortium, Planning and Development Board, Reporting and oversight of all federal programs, Annual Action Plan, Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report, CDBG Human Service Program

Executive Assistant

Admin to Director, Office Manager, Customer Service Supervisor, Environmental Science Program
































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