Conservation Commission

Members Mailing Address Department Contact

Daniel Green, Chair

Susan Lunin, Vice Chair

Judith Hepburn, Clerk

Jeff Zabel

Ellen Katz

Kathryn Cade

Leigh Gilligan

Planning and Development Department

Basement Level

1000 Commonwealth Ave

Newton, MA 02459

Jennifer Steel
(617) 796-1134 - Direct
(617) 796-1120
(617) 796-1142 -Fax


Office Hours:

Monday to Friday

7:30am to 4:00pm

The Conservation Commission is a volunteer board comprised of 7 members who are appointed by the City Council. The Commission meets every three weeks. 
Click for the current year meeting schedule. The agendas and meeting minutes are available here.

The Commission is responsible for administering the State Wetlands Protection Act and its regulations (Note:  Newton does not have a local wetlands ordinance; however, the Commission does enforce Newton’s  Flood Plain Ordinance). The Conservation Commission is also responsible for managing 20 parcels of conservation land located all across Newton and comprising over 200 acres.  Click here for more detailed information about the role of Conservation Commissioners.

Wetland Protection Act Administration
The Conservation Commission is responsible for reviewing and permitting any proposed work (construction, cutting, grading, or landscaping) within : (a) 100-feet of a vegetated wetland, intermittent (i.e., seasonal) stream, or pond. or (b) 200-feet of a perennial (year-round) stream. Residents and developers should check with the Conservation Office prior to initiating any work within these jurisdictional areas.  Click here for more detailed information about Wetland Filing procedures and requirements.

Conservation Land Management

Although Newton is heavily developed, it is fortunate enough to possess numerous ecologically diverse parcels of open space available for walking, bird-watching, and other passive recreational activities. Please note that dogs must be leashed when on Conservation parcels. Click here for more detailed information about Newton’s conservation parcels.
























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