Webster (East & West)

Detailed Trail Info, History, and Photos from Newton Conservators

The City of Newton acquired a number of parcels, mostly through eminent domain from the former Webster and Houghton 'estates'. The parcels are located immediately to the east and west of Hammond Pond Parkway, and on either side (north and south) of the MBTA track. Parcels on the west side of Hammond Pond Parkway are usually combined under the label 'Webster-West,' including two large parcels at the end of Warren Street on the south side of the MBTA track, and four parcels north of the MBTA track. Two additional abutting areas were acquired along Thompsonville Brook –see: Elgin Conservation Area and Cohen Conservation Area. Webster-East is a large parcel to the north and west of Hammond Pond, and south of the MBTA track. On the west end of Houghton Garden, a lane leads from Suffolk Road to the MBTA track where there is a pedestrian crossing.


From the crossing, the path can be followed through Webster-East and across land owned by MA Department of Conservation and Recreation to the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center. See also: Deer Park and Houghton Garden.


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