Volunteer Stewards

We have an excellent group of individuals devoted to preserving the natural beauty of our conservation parcels. 


  • Charles River Pathway: Ellen Katz & Jay Werb
  • Dolan Pond: Ted Kuklinski & Jerry Melnick
  • Flowed Meadows: George Martins
  • Helen Heyn: Michael Clarke
  • Houghton Gardens: Michele & Bob Hanss
  • Kennard: Carolyn Kraft
  • Kesseler Woods: Hynrich and Annie Weischoff
  • Norumbega: Ateev & Anna Mehrotra
  • Oakdale Woods: Mark Kazarosian
  • Sawmill Brook: Francesco DiTullio & Katherine Howard
  • Webster: Jeff Goldman

 If you would like to learn more about their role, or how you can be involved, please read below.   


Newton’s Conservation Commission Volunteer Stewardship Program


The role can be as much as you would like it to be … the sky is the limit! Here I what I consider to be the most fundamental responsibilities.

  • ENJOY TIME IN YOUR PARCEL! You should find it a place of serenity as well as exercise, opportunity, and responsibility.

  • Walk “your” parcel at least a couple of times per year.

  • Remind dog owners that dogs should be on-leash and that dog waste should be carried out.

  • Clip overhanging vines and twigs, if needed (our annual contractor will be doing most of this), as you are able

  • Move fallen branches from the trail, if needed (our annual contractor will be doing most of this), as you are able

  • Collect small bits of trash, if needed (our annual contractor will be doing most of this), as you are able

  • Tell me your findings and suggestions (and locate specific concerns on the site visit summary form I sent you if necessary):

    • Safety hazards (such as trees blocking trails, erosion of the footbed, recent dumping of brush or trash, stairs in need fixing, etc.)

    • Suggestions for longer-term improvements, or

    • Dreams to add to the long-term wish list.

  • ENJOY TIME IN YOUR PARCEL! Be an ambassador for these gems of open space in an otherwise heavily developed city.


Improvements on Conservation Land

  • Ugly old signs have been taken down and beautiful new trailhead signs have been installed on every parcel of conservation land in Newton

  • Trails have been (and continue to be) spruced-up

  • Hazardous trees have been removed

  • Invasive vines are being tackled at Norumbega

  • Invasive phragmites is being tackled at Houghton Garden

  • Boardwalks are being installed where needed


Benefits of Membership include:

  • Being part of a new energetic crew of people eager to make Newton’s Conservation lands vibrant and appreciated.

  • Getting to know other groups and individuals with similar interests

  • Newton Conservators

  • Friends of Nahanton

  • Friends of Kennard

  • Friends of Houghton Garden

  • And many more!

  • Going to fun and stimulating events and celebrations

  • Feeling a sense of ownership and pride in a green piece of Newton

  • Helping direct the future of conservation in Newton

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