Land Management Highlights

Recent Land Management Projects


  • Dolan Pond: Repair stonedust steps and pathways, repair boardwalk

  • Flowed Meadow: Install new sections of boardwalk and spread woodchips on paths

  • Norumbega: Initiate invasive species control methods (mowing and cutting vines)


  • Across Newton: Install new trailhead and conservation area signs – attractive and with maps

  • Flowed Meadow: Spread woodchips on more paths

  • Hunnewell: Create new trail connection to Hunnewell Park

  • Houghton Garden: Initiate invasive species control (cutting and swab phragmites)

  • Kennard: Remove old damaged fence; install new bollards

  • Norumbega: Continue invasive species control methods

  • Saw Mill Brook: Revamp parking lot, install new sections of boardwalk, undertake invasive species control effort

  • Webster Woods: Install a new section of boardwalk


  • Charles River Pathway: Improve trail

  • Houghton Garden: Phase II of invasive species control (cutting and swab phragmites) and installation of temporary boardwalks

  • Norumbega: Continue invasive control (mowing and cutting vines) and put wood chips along the paths

  • Webster Woods: Demolish a dilapidated barn


  • Charles River Pathway: Install two benches

  • Dolan Pond: Re-establish connection from trail to dock, add stone dust to paths, and repairs to existing stairs

  • Houghton Garden: Remove dead hemlocks and other trees and add stone dust to paths

  • Kennard: Repairs to existing boardwalk and stairs

  • Norumbega: Continue invasive control (mowing and cutting vines), repair steps, and add wood chips to the paths

  • Webster: Hired goats to control invasive species in the Old Deer Park


  • Helen Heyn: New bridge over Country Club Brook

  • Houghton Garden: New permanent boardwalks

  • Norumbega: Continue invasive control (mowing and cutting vines)

  • Saw Mill Brook: Removed graffiti from rocky outcroppings

  • Webster: Continued invasive control methods (mowing)

  • Wilson: New trail created by Newton Conservators


  • Hahn Brook: Dredge brook to improve drainage 

  • Kennard: Develop and implement invasive species control method

  • Flowed Meadow: Replace stolen signs and improve trail to picnic area

Pending Land Management Projects


  • Charles River Pathway: Connect pathway to Upper Falls Greenway with box stairs and manage erosion of bank with waterbars

  • Kennard: Repair swing arm gate
  • Kesseler Woods: Create trail network across Conservation land and Conservation Restrictions
  • Norumbega: Continue invasive species control (mowing and cutting vines) and complete restoration of eroded slope in northwest corner

  • Oakdale Woods: Implement restoration plan for encroachment area

  • Sawmill BrookReinforce existing boardwalk sections

  • Webster Woods: Continue invasive species control in Old Deer Park (mowing)


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