Helen Heyn Riverway

Detailed Trail Info, History, and Photos from Newton Conservators

The City of Newton acquired this long, narrow strip of land in 1997. Sandwiched between a DCR parcel bordering the Charles, and the commercial lots along Wells Avenue, this 30.5-acre area is part of the Great Plain Marsh, a forested floodplain associated with the Charles River. The parcel is not all marsh, but is cut by at least two streams, the larger of which is Country Club Brook originating on the Charles River Country Club. A pathway on the DCR property meanders onto Helen Heyn Conservation Area in some places, and a re-constructed trail-head on Nahanton Street will soon provide more direct access to this parcel and the path, with a sign to designate its location. This conservation area was named to honor Mrs. Helen A. Heyn for her many years of service to the Conservation Commission, for her commitment to wetlands protection, and her persistent efforts to acquire and protect open space for Newton residents.


Mrs. Heyn was the founder and secretary of the Newton Conservators and received the "Most Valuable Contribution to Conservation through Volunteer Activity Award for 1979" from the Massachusetts Conservation Council.


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