Flowed Meadow

Detailed Trail Info, History, and Photos from Newton Conservators

The City of Newton acquired its first portion of Flowed Meadow in 1983. Five lots are included in this conservation area (including the former #30 Wabasso Street, acquired in 2007), three of which are "co-owned" with Parks and Recreation, for a total area of 27.94 acres. Located in Auburndale, it is accessible from Staniford Street, from Riverview Avenue (next to #225) – walk in on the dirt driveway that connects to Wabasso Street, past the old landfill and Department of Conservation and Recreation's Bald Knob area, or take the trail east from Auburndale Park along the Charles River.

Some of this area was once farmland, in an area formerly called the "Lakes District of the Charles River." The Moody Street Dam, used to slow the flow of the Charles River, promoted upstream flooding in this low-lying area. Flowed Meadow Conservation Area contains open water, deep marsh, wooded swamp, mixed upland forests, shallow marsh, and shrub marsh. The Nature Trail loop in this area, passes through private land and land owned by the State of Massachusetts, in addition to City of Newton property, and is a "Nature Interpretive Area" of the Charles River Pathway.


Flowed Meadow's upland forest along the path at the end of Wabasso Street. Although there is a wonderful variety of native vegetation here, there are some who seek to improve upon nature.

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