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Bike Share Stats are In!
Nearly 5,000 riders have taken 14,000 bike share trips 40 e-bikes have joined our 200 bike fleet. Bikes have travelled through all neighborhoods in Newton. The 15 municipalities comprising the regional bike share system have seen 150,000 total trips.  Want to see more bike share stats, click here:

Newton joined a partnership with 15 other cities and towns in Metro Boston to begin the state-of-the-art dock-less bike share program that allows riders to pick-up and drop-off bikes anywhere in the city where they can legally be parked. Bikes can also be picked-up and dropped-off in the other participating communities, including Watertown, Needham and Waltham.  MAPC Selects LimeBike, Spin for 15-Community Regional Bike Share System 

Lime Bike will offer discounts to students, corporations, and low-income riders.
Ride your bike safely and follow some simple rules. At the end of your ride, leave bikes only:
• On the very edge of the sidewalk next to the curb, leaving a clear path for pedestrians
• At or near a bike rack
• Next to benches, sign posts, newspaper boxes, trash cans, or trees

To learn more read the FAQ's or contact Lime:, 888-546-3345,

Bike Share 101 Postcard


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