Lasell Neighborhood Council

Established in 2006, the purpose of the Lasell Neighborhood Council (LNC) is to discuss issues of neighborhood concern and to provide input to Lasell College concerning ongoing campus construction and renovation, plans for new construction and renovation, policies and changes in policies that affect construction and renovation, traffic and traffic management, parking and parking management, student behavior, special events and athletic events as those issues may affect the surrounding neighborhood.

The LNC shall consist of representatives from the following:

·        two representatives from Lasell College with at least one of the representatives having authority over the buildings and maintenance of the properties owned and used by Lasell College;

·        three representatives who reside in the immediate Lasell College neighborhood, with three (3) year overlapping terms such that the term of one representative expires on December thirty-first of each year;

·        one Alderman from Ward 4, who shall serve as the LNC chairperson, though all three Ward 4 Aldermen are invited to attend LNC meeting; and

·        the City’s Director of Planning and Development.

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Lasell Neighborhood Council

2013-9-19 Agenda(175.3 KB)
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