Farmer's Market

    Newton Farmers' Market History

    Newton Farmers Market opened in 1980 at Newton City Hall, War Memorial Circle, Sponsored by the City of Newton, Parks & Recreation Deptment. 

    Farmers' Markets

    There will be Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Turkey, Beef, Fresh Fish, Goat Cheese, Gouda, Eggs, Olive Oil,
    Baked Goods, PopOvers, Jams, Jellies, Plants, and Flowers.   

    Indoor Market

    at the Hyde Community Center 
    November 18, 2014 -June 16, 2015 
    90 Lincoln St, Newton Highalnds,
    1:00pm-5:00pm on Tuesdays     

    Summer Markets - 2 Locations

    Tuesday:                                  Saturday:  
    Open July -Oct                        Open July - Oct
    New Cold Spring Park                Elm St.
    1200 Beacon Street                   West Newton                  
    July-October                            July  - October                        
    1:30pm– 6:00pm                     10:00am-2:00pm