Tree Planting

The planting of trees is a critical component of managing Newton’s Urban Forest for the future.  The planting of trees insures that the urban forest will exist for future generations.  In recent years the number of trees planted by the City of Newton has been less than the number of trees removed. 

There are currently three ways to obtain a tree in front of your property, this assumes that the location is suitable for planting based on the City’s guidelines for planting.  These guidelines can be found in the Newton Tree Manual.

  1. City Funded Tree Planting - You may request that the City plant a tree by submitting a request for service or by email at, or by phone at (617) 796-1530.  We will record your information and place your location on our request list.  Please be advised that our backlog of requests goes back several years and we can not provide you with an accurate time frame for the when the tree can be planted.
  2. Owner Installed Tree - You may plant or hire a qualified company to plant a tree on City property with permission of the City, at your expense.  You may apply for permission by email at, or by phone at (617) 796-1530.
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