Tree Inspections

The majority of the Division’s activates is the inspection of trees. Routinely the City monitors the City’s trees for significant hazards and major issues. The City is fortunate to have thousands of trees located on hundreds of miles of roadways and nearly a thousand acres of land with countless trees. We depend on the public to notify us with their concerns and potential hazards. To submit a request for an inspection and service you may enter it here.

Once contacted we will inspect the tree or trees of concern. We will determine the needs of the tree(s). If the tree(s) need pruning or removal the work will be scheduled as soon as our current resources allow us to have the work completed.

Annually the Division receives nearly 2000 requests for service ranging from pickup of down limbs, to removal of entire trees. We prioritize our work with safety being the first priority. After safety issues we prioritize based on age of request and geographic area.

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