Parks, Recreation and Culture Department


  Mission Statement

The Newton Parks and Recreation Department will provide traditional and innovative Recreation, Leisure and Cultural Activities in a quality environment for all residents of Newton, as well as managing the preservation, maintenance, and enhancement of the natural resources of the City.



 246 Dudley Rd, Kennard Park, Newton 02459

 Office Hours:  8:30am-5:00pm  Monday-Friday

Nicole Banks



Marc Welch

Deputy Commissioner



Covid 19

The City is not under a lock down order at this time.  We are keeping our parks open for responsible users to enjoy during these challenging times.  Please stay off of the play equipment and we ask everyone, and have posted signs at parks reinforcing this request, to adhere to the social distancing, and safety guidelines put forth by the CDC.  


 Newton Covid-19 Updates



Events & Programs

Stay at Home Activities


100 Years of Parks & Recreation by Commission Member Michael Clarke



Community Design for Arts & Culture Committee

Newton Center for Active Living (NEWCAL) - Community Update and Upcoming Meetings

Levingston Cove Renovation Proposal 

Waban Hill Reservoir


Report A Coyote             Recreation & Open Space Plan         

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