Gath Pool Membership Information



Click Here for the 2019 Summer Brochure

Season Swim Permits

  • Permits are sold to RESIDENTS ONLY for the summer season.
  • Permit Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Permit is valid at Gath Pool and Crystal Lake
  • Permits can be purchased at either Gath Pool and Crystal Lake
  • All fees shown are tentative for 2019, the Parks and Recreation reserves the right to amend fees as dictated by budget considerations
Season Permit Fees
Adults (18 years and older) $45.00
Students (4 to 18 years of age) $20.00
Seniors (age 62 and over) $20.00
Non-Residents Not Eligible for season permit
Daily Swim Permit Fees
Resident Adult (18 years and older) $6.00 each per day
Resident Student (4-18 years of age) $4.00 each per day
Non-Residents $10.00 each per day regardless of age
Seniors (age 62 and over) $4.00 each per day
At the conclusion of the regular season for Crystal Lake, Gath Pool will remain open to the swimming public on a post season schedule closing on Labor Day - September 2, 2019.


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