Water Safety Instructor Course

Newton will NOT be offering a Water Safety Instructor Course this year.

You can check with Boston University or MIT University to see if they will be hosting a course.

the below text is provides as information about the course content.  American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor This course will be presented in the NEW Blended Learning Format.  9 lessons will be by computer presentation, once registered two log in links will be sent to your email, one is the prerequisite course of instruction the other is for the blended learning program links.  This course provides instructor candidates the training needed to teach courses in the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program:

  • If you are at least 16 years old and a proficient swimmer, you can become an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. This course will help you teach skills that may save a life, gain terrific work experience as an aquatics professional, earn money or join a volunteer team while you help people learn valuable skills.
  • In addition you will learn organizational and presentation skills that will help you in any career and make a difference in people’s lives. Whether you want to splash around with kids and teach them to swim, help children and adults refine their strokes or teach diving safety techniques, you can do it as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.
  • Prerequisites: Minimum age of 16.Completion of online Red Cross Pre-Course link will be sent after confirmation of enough students to take the course.  We need a minimum of 6 students by NO COURSE 2018 .
  • Demonstrate swimming skills consistent with the Stroke Performance Charts, Level 4, by swimming the following strokes:
  • Front Crawl - 25 yards
    Back Crawl - 25 yards
    Breaststroke - 25 yards
    Elementary backstroke - 25 yards
    Sidestroke - 25 yards
    Butterfly - 15 yards
    Maintain position on back for 1 minute in deep water (floating or sculling)
    Tread water for 1 minute Water Safety Instructor:
  • Authorization is for 2 calendar years. All authorizations expire on December 31 of each year. Initial authorization may be for less or more time depending on when training is completed. Class Dates:
  • You must also present the completed Blended Learning Participants certificate prior to each class.  There are 9 Blended Learning Lessons to go through at your liesure. 
  •   Class maximum:12
  • Cost: $225 Residents $250 Non-Residents


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