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Mission Statement

The nine-member Newtonville Area Council is an official elected body under the City Charter.  Its purpose is to facilitate communication between Newtonville residents and the City Council and other city departments. It also serves as a forum/mechanism for dealing with various local issues and for fostering community spirit through special events such as Village Day.


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The next meeting of the council will be:


Monthly  Regular Meeting (after August break)

Thursday September 10, at 7:00 p.m.

Virtual Meeting online via Zoom.  Use this link and password:

Join URL:  Forthcoming



Monthly meetings are usually held every second Thursday of the month.


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Newtonville Area Council Board Members


Peter Bruce


Claflin Place

 Dana D'Agostino


Cabot St

Jessica Aker Archer


Watertown St.

Kartikey Trivedi


 Walnut St
Martina Jackson Lowell Ave

 Susan Reisler


 Claflin Place

Kirill Alshewski


 Bridges St.
 Carolyn Gabbay  Doris Cir.

Pamela Shufro


Blithedale St.


Contact Us

You can reach the council by e-mail at

Boundaries & Member Area

Click here for a map of the Newtonville Area Council boundaries.

Click here for a list of streets included in the Newtonville Area Council.

Links to Important Projects

Click here for links to the city's Information on 28 Austin St.

Click here for links to the city's Information on Walnut St.

Click here for links to the city's Information on Court St.

Council By-Laws

Newtonville Area Council By-Laws.

Meeting Information

Newtonville Area Council Meetings, Agendas and Minutes


Meetings of the Newtonville Area Council

The Council typically meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month at City Hall.

Newtonville Area Council meetings are open to the public and the location of the meeting is handicap accessible.

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