Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council

Mission Statement

The nine-member Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council is an official elected body under the city charter.  Its purpose is to facilitate communication between Highlands residents and the Board of Aldermen and other city organs. It also serves as a forum/mechanism for dealing with various local issues and for fostering community spirit through annual events such as Village Day, the Halloween party and haunted house, and the Winter Social.

Upcoming Events

Local Historic District Meeting - April 3rd, 2016 at the Newton Highlands Congregational Church. Information on the historic district is located on the Area Council Reports page.

Village Day- June 12, 2016
Please contact an area council member to volunteer!

Booths will be available to merchants and other organizations that would like to sell to or share with Village Day Attendees. Online booth registration is open now

Halloween Haunted House & Party - October 30, 2016 at the Hyde
Please contact an area council member to volunteer!

History of Newton Highlands

History of Newton Highlands
Old Photos of Newton Highlands
Crystal Lake:  History, Rules & Regulations
Brigham House
Avalon Bay Apartment Information

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The contents and data contained on these pages have been created solely by the members of the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council.  These pages are published as a service to the residents and visitors to the City of Newton. 

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