Contact Us

Srdjan Nedeljkovic (president) (h) 617-332-1721
Nathaniel Lichtin (vice president) (c) 857-231-3192
Groot Gregory (treasurer) (c) 617-444-9106
Bob Burke (secretary) (c) 617-544-5663
Rodney Barker (h) 617-244-6949
Barbara Darnell  (h) 617-969-5760
Steven Feinstein (c) 617-529-4256
Julius Starkman (w) 617-839-5400
Amy Wayne (h) 617-243-9093

For announcements, please join the Newton Highlands email list.

To subscribe to the email list, click on the above link or email to "". If you have a Google account you can also follow the link "".

This list can be used to share any information that would be of interest to residents of Newton Highlands and is maintained independently of the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council.

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