Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council

Mission Statement

The nine-member Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council is an official elected body under the city charter.  Its purpose is to facilitate communication between Highlands residents and the Board of Aldermen and other city organs. It also serves as a forum/mechanism for dealing with various local issues and for fostering community spirit through annual events such as Village Day, the Halloween party and haunted house, and the Soup Social.

Links to Information about current projects impacting the Highlands is available on the Links page 

Regular Meetings

The Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council meets on the first Thursday of each month, except in the case of inclement weather.  Meetings are held at the Brigham Community House, 20 Hartford St, Newton Highlands, MA 02461

March 5: The Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council will be hearing a presentation by the developer about a development proposed for 1149-1151 Walnut Street, the Skin Innovations building).  This is a follow up to the presentation the developer gave to the Area Council in January about the proposal.  The January presentation can be found at including audio of the meeting and the images presented by the developer and two members of the community.  The community will have an opportunity to ask questions about the project and share their thoughts.

The Area Council will also be discussing Village Day, shuttle buses in Newton Highlands, and our goals for this year.  We will also have short updates on issues impacting the community. 


Upcoming agendas can be found on the City's Electronic Posting Board.

Special Meetings

Zoning Redesign: Next meeting TBD (on hold until  2020)

The Area Council in conjunction with the Waban Area Council will be holding a series of meetings to educate the public and our members about the proposed zoning ordinance and discuss the proposed zoning ordinance.  These meetings will be in addition to the Area Council's regular monthly meetings.  The first meeting was November 19 and the second was January 26 both at the Waban Library Center, 1608 Beacon Street.  The first meeting focused on residential districts and the second focused on the pusposes and village district sections .  The PowerPoint presentation from those meetings are available on our Reports page.  

The background materials are available through the links here. The proposed zoning map is HERE, the proposed ordinance is HERE, the Planing Department's overview memo is HERE, and other information can be found through the Zoning Redesign webpage. Reports and documents developed for the Area Council meetings are available on our Reports page.

Additional dates and times of these meetings will be posted here, on the  City's Electronic Posting Board, and via  Newton Highlands Google discussion group.  Events relating zoning by other groups are listed below

Upcoming Events of Interest

Northland Project: Referendum on Northland Project

The City Council approved the project in late December 2019 and residents of Newton gathered well over the 3,000+ signatures required to hold a referendum vote to overturn the approval.  The City Council is in the process of scheduling the referendum but it will likely be held on March 3 the same day as the presidential primary 

Historic Landmarking: Public Hearing January 27, 7 pm in City Hall

The Zoning and Planing Committee of the City Council will be holding a public hearing on the question of whether to "temporarily suspend nominations made by the Historical Commission and the City Council for landmark designations of any land, buildings and structures in the City of Newton in order to allow the City adequate time to review the landmark ordinance and consider what revisions are appropriate. The temporary suspension will prevent and suspend the processing, and approval of any property currently under consideration for landmark designation and will temporarily suspend future landmark designations made by the Historical Commission and the City Council. Landmark nominations made by the Mayor, Director of Planning of Development and the Commissioner of Inspectional Services shall not be affected. This temporary suspension shall end no later than December 31, 2020. "  Some information about historic landmarks is available here.   If you don't want to speak at the hearing you can always email, call, or send letters to the committee members.  The committee members are listed here  and contact information for city councilors is here.

Transportation and Public Safety:  Listening session with public comments  February 5, 7 pm at City Hall; Invited speakers only January 22, 7 pm at City Hall

The Transportation and Public Safety Committee of the City Council is asking the public to  share what issues relating to transportation and public safety the committee should focus on most over the next two years.  If you don't want to speak at the hearing you can always email, call, or send letters to the committee members.  The committee members are listed here  and contact information for city councilors is here.  

Soup Social - The Hyde Community Center and the Newton Highlands Area Council are hosting this year's Soup Social on Saturday February 8 at 6:00 PM at the Hyde Community Center, 90 Lincoln Street.  As usual half of the gym will be open for the kids to run around in.  Please join us for local soup and an opportunity to meet your neighbors from around the Highlands.

Zoning Redesign: On hold untill next year 

Village Day:
Please contact an area council member to volunteer!

History of Newton Highlands

History of Newton Highlands
Old Photos of Newton Highlands
Crystal Lake:  History, Rules & Regulations
Brigham House
Avalon Bay Apartment Information

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The contents and data contained on these pages have been created solely by the members of the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council.  These pages are published as a service to the residents and visitors to the City of Newton. 

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