Mayor Fuller's Homepage

Newton is the place where my husband Joe and I chose to raise our three sons, and where I served as a member of the Board of Aldermen from Ward 7, and as an At-Large City Councilor before having the privilege of becoming the first woman elected to lead this great city.

I am passionate about Newton and its people.

As Mayor I am working to provide our children with a top-notch education in an inclusive environment where empty nesters, seniors, young families, and people of diverse incomes can live together in affordable, vibrant villages and neighborhoods. I want to see our villages linked by a transportation system convenient and safe for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, and where wonderful open spaces and a greener, more sustainable environment thrives.

I will continue to be a strong and tireless advocate for all the city’s residents, and I care deeply about making sure Newton is a city where we respect people with different opinions and where we stay true to being a city that is welcoming, inclusive, and diverse.

I can’t do this work alone. As I have done throughout my career in business, at non-profit organizations, and as an elected official, I am listening to people on all sides of an issue before making the tough decisions. I will continue to speak with residents about their concerns and seek their input. I will answer questions honestly, and help people connect with the services they need.

This is a remarkable place to live, and I am honored to serve as mayor. Please stay involved. Let us know what’s on your mind, and help us work together to make Newton the best it can be for all of us.

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