Create Newton

We are planning for the arts and culture of Newton and we need your help!

Many thanks to the hundreds who attended our community focus groups over the summer & the 825 community members who completed our online survey as of September 2019.  Watch this space for updates.

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and the City of Newton, with the assistance of the Community Design for Arts & Culture Committee (CDAC) are embarking on a seven-month planning process to create a Comprehensive Arts & Cultural Plan for the City.
The plan will identify all of our arts and cultural assets – from our buildings and non-profits, to the events and festivals we host, to the local traditions and initiatives in our villages and neighborhoods. We will explore how arts and cultural goals and interests are aligned with our businesses, recreational opportunities, and commercial districts, and identify goals, set out recommendations, and seek opportunities to collaborate and expand our pool of funding.


March 26, 2019

December 19, 2018


Committee Members: 

Gloria Gavris, Chair

Adrienne Hartzell Knudsen

Sachiko Isihara

Lindsay Pike

Howard Sholkin

Councilor Vicki Danberg

Dana Hanson

Jonathan Yeo

Bob DeRubeis 

Mission Statement of CDAC

The Community Design for Arts & Culture Committee (CDAC) seeks to develop and recommend a viable plan for the City of Newton that will strengthen, expand and sustain arts and culture as an integral part of our community and have Newton be a vibrant center for artistic expression, performance and programming.  The Committee's vision to invest in the arts will be viewed through the prism of our history and core values, embracing the vital contributions arts and culture make to a welcoming, culturally diverse, economically prosperous and multigenerational Newton.

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