Street Rights Of Way

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This layer shows the City of Newton’s street rights-of-way. They are shown by polygons representing the each city block. The rights-of-way are the areas not covered by these blocks.

This layer is primarily used for maps where the scale is too small to show individual parcel boundaries. However, it has also been used for redistricting by overlaying the city census and creating table to get population figures for each block. More recent population and redistricting work has been done using a modified blocks layer that includes the street rights or way to allow for easier visualizations and district delineation.

Features and Attributes:


This is actually a “negative” layer in that the rights of way are the areas not covered by polygons. There are no attributes except for the unique feature IDs that exist in all GIS files. Those IDs have been used for redistricting (see above) but do not relate to any permanently used tables. The ID numbers are not persisted when the layer is remade.

Last Updated:            June, 2020

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