Street Center Lines

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This data layer contains a single line representation of all Newton’s streets. This includes private streets, rights of way and paper (unbuilt) streets. There are several duplicate street names in Newton.

Features and Attributes:


            Each line feature represents a distinct segment usually broken up at intersections but sometimes split where a change in the street’s attributes occur. For example a street may be a public way for the first 200 feet and then become private. Attributes describe the following:

1.      Street identifiers such as name and the Department of Public Works’s segment identifier used for various operations and in their Hansen software and database.

2.      Regulations such as truck exclusions and one way status.

3.      Type of street (Major artery, secondary, private, etc.)

4.      Addressing Information – not to be used as a substitute for a master address file but useful for linear referencing.

5.      The streets at the beginning and end of each segment (from and to streets).

6.      Snow plowing routes. 

Name Alias Description Data Type Width
NAME NAME Street Name Text 20
DPW_ID DPW ID DPW unique segment identifier Double 38
LF Left From Address Lowest address number-left side of street Integer 5
LT Left To Address Highest address number-left side of street Integer 5
RF Right From Address Lowest address number-right side of street Integer 5
RT Right To Address Highest address number-right side of street Integer 5
TRUCK_EXCL Truck Exclusion Code to indicate truck exclusions Text 1
***coded values***
N No truck exclusions
Y Trucks Excluded
U Unofficial Local Exclusion
L Limited Time Period Exclusion
ONEWAY One Way Code Code to indicate one way regulations Text 2
***coded values***
0 No Vehicular Access
B Two Way Street
FT One Way Street
DV One way section of divided street
R Highway Ramp
LT One way during limited hours
TYPE Street Class Street Classification Text 15
***coded values***
Abandoned Abandoned Street
Highway Ramp Highway Ramp
Interstate Interstate Highway
Major Major Aretery
Minor Local Road
Paper Paper Street
Private Private Street
Private-Paper Private Paper Street
ROW Right of Way
FROM_ST From Street at beginning of segment Text 45
TO_ST To Street at end of segment Text 45
SnowRoute Snow Plowing Route Snow plowing route Text 4
StreetID Street ID Street ID-from address IDs, not unique Integer 5
Segment Segment ID Segment number-unique for each street Text 4
Segment_ID Street Segment ID Unique ID for each segment-combo street & segment Text 10


Last Updated:            August, 2020

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