IT Functions

Systems Programming

The systems programming staff provides computer programming for every department in the City.
The programming languages used are: Microsoft Access, Informix, SQL, PHP, Ruby, Visual Basic and C++.

Network Administration

The network support group of the Information Technology Department is responsible for the purchase, installation, maintenance and support of approximately 500 desktop workstation personal computers. These PCs are dispersed across a dozen locations although most are located inside of City Hall.

Network Administrators are responsible for training all employees in PC use, troubleshooting software and hardware, assembling equipment, running and terminating category 5 cable, setting up switches, hubs, routers, firewalls, as well as staying current with new technology and trends.

Nearly all of our servers have been virtualized. We converted our old email to Office 365 in the cloud. Our citywide fiber network connects over 60 locations in a dual ring design to ensure maximum uptime.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Established in 1992, Newton's GIS is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems in New England. The system is used by most city departments and consists of about 80 data layers. Newton was presented the "Best Municipal GIS in New England" award in 2000 at a GIS user conference in Providence, Rhode Island.

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