Information Technology Department

Mission Statement

To provide the city with a telecommunications infrastructure capable of handling current and future technology needs. Provide accurate and timely information systems and technical support to all city departments and agencies and ultimately to its customers, the residents of Newton. 

About Us

The Information Technology vision and accomplishments to date continue to be an integral part of the management, public safety framework, and communication goals of the Fuller Administration. Business practices, customer needs, technology and  communications continue to evolve and converge in new areas creating new efficiencies and opportunities; information technology needs to remain flexible in order to be viable and sustainable.

This fiscal year marks the completion of the fifth year that Information Technology has been identified in the Capital Improvement Plan as a separate capital need. Major upgrades to the City’s IT infrastructure have made upgraded conference rooms, sound systems, public WiFi in municipal buildings and digital signage in the hallways of City Hall possible. Unseen to the public in all of the city buildings are items such as copper and fiber cabling, and a standardization and implementation of POE (Power over Ethernet) network switches which have allowed the City to expand opportunities, access, security and communications. Wireless access points, security cameras, and network speeds that have increased ten times their previous capacity from five years ago all combine to create a network and IT system that is truly state of the art. Fiber-optic-based opportunities have provided cost-saving solutions for Public Safety, including integration with our radio towers and reduced phone costs in all city buildings.


Information Technology Department
Newton City Hall, Room 112
1000 Commonwealth Ave.
(617) 796-1180
Joseph Mulvey  Chief Information Officer


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