Short-Term Rental Information

Starting January 2, 2020, all short-term rental properties in the City of Newton must be in compliance with the requirements set forth in Chapter 20, Article IX and Chapter 30, Section 6.7.5 of the City Ordinances.

Short Term Rental Registrations Issued

December 2019

January 2020 thru April 2020



Residents seeking to operate a short-term rental must register with the Inspectional Services Department prior to the occupancy of any rental property that commences after January 1, 2020.

Registration will begin on December 1, 2019. Registration form and associated documents must be submitted in person to the Inspectional Services Department Office. Office Hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm. No documents will be accepted by mail or email.

Registration Certificate may take 10-14 business days to be issued.

              Registration Form

              Annual Certification

Please refer to the City Ordinances for registration requirements.


Fire Inspections

All short-term rental operators must schedule an inspection with the Fire Department and receive a Certificate of Compliance indicating that the property meets the smoke detector and carbon monoxide requirements for residential units.

Fire inspections must be completed prior to registration with the City. Click here to schedule a fire inspection now. Please note that operators are responsible for paying the fire inspection fees.

State Registration

All short-term rental operators must register with the State prior to registering with the City.  Additional information on how to register with the State can be found here:


Steps to Register:

  1. State Certificate

  2. Local Operator Affidavit

  3. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Certificate of Compliance form the Newton Fire Department

  4. Confirmation that there is no outstanding code enforcement or outstanding building permits

  5. Signature of Operator certifying that the Short Term Rental conforms to this article.

  6. Bring the above to Inspectional Services on the 2nd Floor of City Hall to Register.


When do I need to register by?

                The Ordinance takes effect January 2, 2020.  For any short term rentals to take  place after January 2, 2020 you must be registered prior to January 2, 2020.


How many people can I rent my property to at a time?

The maximum number of bedrooms you can rent to overnight or short term guests is three, and the maximum number of guests is nine.


What do I need to do to register as a short term rental in Newton?

  • We have created a registration form that should make it easy for you to identify what you need to register with the City of Newton as a short-term rental.  Please refer to the registration form to ensure you have completed all the required steps and have the required materials to register.

  • Following registration as a short term rental, you are required to recertify with the City of Newton every year.

How long of a time period can I rent my home?

  • The Short Term Rental Ordinance states that an operator may offer a dwelling unit or bedroom for periods of less than 30 days.

Can I  or my guests host commercial events at my property while it’s being rented?

  • No.

How will state and city taxes be handled regarding my short term rental?

  • All taxes related to short term rentals are handled by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The City of Newton does not collect taxes on short term rental uses.

Can I register more than one property to rent out under the short term rental ordinance?

  • No, you may only rent your primary residence,  you need to occupy the residence that is a short term rental for nine out of twelve months during each calendar year.

What are the house rules I should have in my rental?

  • Noise control, including use of audio equipment that may disturb the peace

  • Adherence to laws regarding disorderly behavior

  • Proper garbage disposal

  • Location of parking stalls on the property

  • Neighborhood parking regulations and restrictions

  • Occupancy limits according to the City’s Zoning Ordinance

  • Any other provisions as may be required by City Officials.

I suspect my neighbor is renting out their property without being registered, or is operating in violation of the Short Term Rental Ordinance what do I do/who do I call?

               Call Inspectional Services/Code Enforcement at 617-796-1060 or the Newton Police at (617) 796-  2100.

Do I need to post anything in my rental to show I am registered?

Yes, you will be mailed a certificate of registration after registering with the city that you must display in your property.

Do I need to maintain a list of people I rent to?

Yes, the Operator must maintain, in permanent form, a registry log of occupants that includes names, addresses, occupants license plate numbers, dates of stay, and the room assigned to each occupant.


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