Employee Assistance Program FAQs


What is the City of Newton Employee Assistance Program?
A benefit provided by the City of Newton at no cost to its employees;

An information, problem-solving and referral resource for all employees who work in municipal department on a full-time or permanent part time basis; 

A source of confidential aid for finding solutions to any personal problem you or your family might experience. 

Why does the City provide an Employee Assistance Program?
The employees are the City's most valued assets and we are concerned about you and your family's welfare.

When you have problems, so does the City in terms of the possibility for increased accidents on the job, higher rates of absenteeism, medical claims and morale problems. The EAP is a professional resource for resolving difficulties that may affect your personal and work life.

How can I know if the Employee Assistance Program is for me?
Why not call and ask? Just talking to someone and bringing your problems into the open can help. The counselor will be able to advise you about the seriousness of your problem.

Where is the Employee Assistance Program located?
On the campus of Newton-Wellesley Hospital, 2014 Washington Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA. The Employee Assistance Counselor will provide directions to the office when you call for an appointment.

Will the City be notified if I use the Employee Assistance Program?
The City receives no information from the EAP or the counselor that would identify you as an employee of the City or the department that you work for. Likewise, the City does not receive any information related to any issue you may be discussing with your counselor, unless you authorize the release of such information. Privacy and confidentiality will be discussed as part of your first appointment.

Is there a cost to use the Employee Assistance Program?
No. If it is determined that further professional help is needed, the counselor has available experts in the field of financial planning, legal aid, marriage/family counseling, alcohol/drug abuse treatment, and domestic violence, to whom you can be referred for additional assistance. There may be a charge for these services that must be covered by you or your health insurance.

What do I have to do to use the Employee Assistance Program?
Simply call for an appointment. (617) 243-6522 is the direct line to the EAP counselor. Voice-mail messages are strictly confidential.  For more information go directly to the website eap.partners.org.