Return to Norumbega

Romance and Recreation at Norumbega Park

Norumbega Park in Auburndale was the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers and heartthrobs! For 66 years, Norumbega Park hosted romantic canoeing, exciting rides, explorations through the zoo and gardens, and dances to music from nationally renowned big bands. From its Grand Opening in 1897, to when the gates closed forever on Labor Day, 1963, the legendary park drew thousands of people from all over New England. Learn about the magic that was Norumbega Park.

Historic Newton presents the traveling exhibit, "Norumbega: Romance and Recreation by the River!" Complete with three remastered panels, the exhibit enables you to follow Norumbega on its journey from its start as a “trolley park” through the 20th century when it became an escape for young people to explore independence and love.

Learn why editorial cartoonists made fun of the “Kissing Controversy” on the Charles River, become enamored of “America’s Most Beautiful Ballroom” (the Totem Pole Ballroom), and see why Norumbega is still remembered fondly to this day. Beauty, scandal,

and fun await at "Boston's Memorable Amusement Resort"!



Exhibit Rental

Want to share the magic of Norumbega at your business or organization? "Norumbega: Romance and Recreation by the River" is available for rental from Historic Newton. Inquire at or 617-796-1450.

Education Information

Curious about holding an educational program about Norumbega? Schedule a private screening of the film, "Return to Norumbega Park," followed by a discussion led by a Historic Newton Educator. If you would like to request a program or have any questions, please contact or 617-796-1463.

Historic Newton would like to thank the following for their assistance in the development and creation of "Norumbega: Romance and Recreation by the River":

Exhibition Design and Development
Susan Abele
Eleanor Mish

Exhibit Digitization and Remastering
Conor O’Malley
Roz Kriezenbeck

Image Scanning and Printing
David DeJean
Peter Kastner

Editorial Assistance
Sheila Sibley
Bettina Urcuoli

Special Thanks
Bruce Abele
Kate Bresee
Joe Hunter
Mark Jacobson
Suzanne Lapham
Kurt Neumann
Sherwood Norton
Geoffrey Piel
Sara Goldberg

In Memory of
Robert Pollock