The Jackson Homestead and Museum is open daily, except on Mondays and major holidays. The Durant-Kenrick House and Grounds is open Wednesday through Sunday.
By car, both museums are readily accessible via the Massachusetts Turnpike, and also by public transit or bicycle. Parking at both sites is free of charge, and both sites are handicap-accessible.

Assistance for People with Disabilities
Historic Newton welcomes all people with disabilities to the Jackson Homestead.  The Jackson Homestead is a landmarked historic house and as such is a historical artifact for people to learn about life in Newton in the 19th century. If you have questions about access to the Jackson Homestead, please call 617-796-1450.

Information for people in wheelchairs
The Jackson Homestead has two handicapped parking places adjacent to its main entry.  It has two floors of exhibitions: on the first floor and on the lower level.  The first floor is accessed by a lift. The exhibitions on the first floor include a general introduction to the Jacksons and the Underground Railroad.  They also feature changing exhibitions on various subjects which are outlined on our website.  The lower level displays two major permanent exhibitions: the Newton History Gallery and Confronting Our Legacy: Slavery and Anti-Slavery in New England.  Visitors to first floor exhibitions should alert the staff to activate the lift so they can enter the museum. Visitors who wish to see the lower level exhibitions can access them at the rear entrance of the building with the help of Historic Newton staff. There are no accessible restrooms on the lower level, but the restroom on the first floor is fully accessible.   We recommend that visitors with disabilities call in advance (617-796-1450), however we are happy to help any visitor without prior notification.

Information for People with Hearing Disabilities
Please call in advance to arrange for a sign language interpreter for public programs.  If you would like to look at the copy of the Anthony Burns script for the audio wands on the lower level, please call ahead or inquire at the admissions desk. Hearing impaired visitors can make inquiries about visiting the museum by e-mailing or calling the city of Newton TTY service 617-796-1089.

Information for People with Visual Impairments
All visitors are welcome at the Jackson Homestead. If a visually impaired person would like a staff member to provide them a descriptive guided tour, please call 617-796-1450 to schedule it.