Where Newton Began: A Guide to the East Parish Burying Grounds (click here for part one and part two) by Thelma Fleishman provides a thorough background on the people and families buried in one of the oldest burying grounds in the state of Massachusetts, with dates going back to 1660.

Rivers, Roads & Rails: Mapping Newton is a fascinating book about how Newton came to be. It includes information about how settlers of Newton decided where to place their homes, followed by town buildings.

Discovering Charles Johnson Maynard, Naturalist and Teacher tells the life story of Maynard (1845-1929), a West Newton native who distinguished himself as an ornithologist and author of books on birds and butterflies.

A History Jacksons and their Homestead gives readers a sense of the Jackson family, their position in Newton and Boston, some of their contributions to society, and how it all relates to the Jackson Homestead which still stands today to tell their stories.