Public Programs

Annual House Tour

Each spring, Historic Newton’s Annual House Tour is one of the city’s most anticipated events.  The mission of the House Tour is to open the doors to a select group of remarkable Newton homes and non-commercial properties each year that showcase excellence in historical preservation, restoration, and creative modern interpretation and adaptation in a broad spectrum of architecture and interior design styles.  By doing so, the House Tour encourages financial support for Historic Newton and celebrates efforts that enhanced the beauty of the community in a way consistent with the charter of Historic Newton.
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Hayfest Hayfest! Be there or be square

Hayfest is a family-friendly outdoor festival held each fall in celebration of the Jackson Homestead.  You can travel back in time to the nineteenth century: learn to weave wool into cloth, make your own butter, press your own cider, dip candles, and more!  Learn through hands-on activities how Newton families lived in the 1800s.  This is an event which is fun for the whole family.  (Below, preparing to use natural sources to dye cloth, at Hayfest.)

Newton Preservation Awards

The Newton Preservation Awards recognize projects that feature the preservation of Newton's historic
buildings and landscapes and promote awareness of its historic fabric.

The 2013 Newton Preservation Award winners  

122 East Side Parkway: Rich Zagame and Richard Saris, Owners/Developers, Charles Calhoun, Architect

1547 Centre Street: Jenna and Ning Wang, Homeowners, Jel Mattos, Contractor; Eric Keppler, Project Supervisor; Ivan Sabino Hernandez, Architect; Louis Ashman, Designer; Barbara Dawson, Interior Designer
116 Waverley Avenue: Donald and Barbara Oppenheimer, Homeowners,
Henry Stone Builders, John Bent, H.M. Nordstrom and Company

Henry Stone Builders, John Bent, H.M. Nordstrom and Company203 Islington Road: Robert and Margaret Faulkner, Homeowners

Education in Preservation: Joe Hunter, Remember Productions
Thelma Fleishman Personal Achievement Award: Rev. Howard and Karen Haywood 

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