Ginger Pear Jam a Sweet Link to Newton's Past

The orchards that surrounded the Durant-Kenrick House are long gone, but Historic Newton’s custom-produced ginger pear jam captures flavors of the fruits that once grew there.

In 1794, John Kenrick established a nursery on his Newton property and ran it with his sons. “The numerous varieties introduced will prove to our country a treasure,” stated a catalog from Kenrick Nursery. These words proved true, as from the nursery came fruits that are still popular today, including Buerre Bosc and Bon Chretien pears, Noblesse peaches, Antwerp raspberries, and Royal Muscadine grapes.

The jam, made from fruit grown in Massachusetts, is a chunky mix of sugar, pears and ginger. It goes well with toast, muffins and even ice cream. Proceeds from the sale of each jar help support Historic Newton. Pick up the jam at the Durant-Kenrick House, 286 Waverley Avenue, Newton, 617-641-9142.